4 Clickbank Best Sellers in Internet Marketing

Clickbank Best Sellers - Top Selling Products

Clickbank remains one of the most popular vendor & affiliates marketplace for digital products. Unlike other affiliate networks where you need first to get your account approved before you can start promoting any product, promoting offers from Clickbank is usually very much easier since you do not need to be approved.

You only need to register a new account and you can get started almost immediately. Clickbank commissions also tend to be much higher ranging in between 50%-75% in comparison to other similar affiliate networks.

Clickbank has a huge marketplace with products from different vendors and you can find pretty much anything you wish to promote on this marketplace. They offer a wide span of digital products in different categories, such as health & Fitness, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Computer & Internet, among others, depending on your niche or what you feel you are comfortable promoting. On this article, we are going to look at the 4 of the Clickbank Best Sellers in Internet Marketing today.

Here are our 4 top selling Clickbank digital products in Internet Marketing as of the time of writing this article;

1. Google Sniper

Google Sniper is an internet marketing training course that shows you how to start making money online creating niche related sites. The program also teaches you how to rank your niche sites and how to generate traffic. Up to this day, it has remained one of the most highly rated and best selling Clickbank products over a very long time with the latest having a gravity of 136.12 as of the time of writing this article today.

Initial $/sale: $60.13 | Avg %/sale: 60.0% | Avg Rebill Total: $142.71 | Avg %/rebill: 32.0% | Grav: 136.12

2. CB Passive Income 3

CB Passive Income 3 is also one of the best selling Clickbank products. It an internet marketing system that allows you to automatically generate an email list by offering a free ebook to anyone who clicks on your link. People subscribe to your list through CB Passive Income landing page like the one below. They are then instantly turned to your subscribers and you can later on turn them to real buyers.

Here is a sample of the landing page that you get, if you become a member of Clickbank Passive Income. Click the link to see a sample of CB Passive Income Landing page .  I am a member of CB Passive income and I continue to earn a passive income even to this day.

Initial $/sale: $18.44 | Avg %/sale: 50.0% | Avg Rebill Total: $61.49 | Avg %/rebill: 50.0% | Grav: 121.91

3. Take Surveys for Cash

If you enjoy promoting survey offers, Take Surveys for Cash is another best selling product in Clickbank.  According to what it is stated on their sales page, the list of surveys found on Take Surveys for Cash are updated daily and contains one of the highest database online. Currently, it is one of the highest converting product with the following stats;

$24.22 | 75.0% | $0.00 | 0.0% | 227.57

4. Get Cash For Surveys

Get Cash For Surveys is also one of the Clickbank’s highest converting offers. With a current gravity of 107.94 as I am writing this article. The company claims to have a huge list of survey websites database where you can register and earn money taking surveys.  As for the time of writing this article, here are the Get Cash For Surveys stats;

$23.43 | 75.0% | $0.00 | 0.0% | 107.94

Here you have the top 4 top selling Clickbank digital products in Internet Marketing and with the current gravity of over 100, this shows these offers are selling and people are buying them. It is also most likely the refund rate is low since they are still listed on Clickbank.  If you are looking for a product to promote, I suggest you take a closer look at any of the 4 products listed above.

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