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EgoMoney AC Review – M2M Gifting Scheme?

EgoMoneyAC Gifting Scheme

EgoMoney AC is a new member to member program that describes itself as the “most exciting advertising and money making system on the internet today”. According to EgoMoney, affiliates who join the program get access to great advertising features and an opportunity to earn up to $96,668.

Joining EgoMoney AC

Joining EgoMoney AC is free and open to affiliates from all over the world. However, to start earning money from their 4×4 matrix system, you must purchase some advertising packages on different levels of the compensation plan.

Bonkered Review – $100, 2×1 Cycler Ponzi Scheme?

Bonkered Review

Bonkered is a new online investing program that describes itself as “an incredible super fast straight-line 2×1 cycler where members earn a 200% return on a $100.00 investment. For each position purchased at $100.00… the member will receive $200.00”.

Joining Bonkered

Joining Bonkered is free and open to members from all over the world. However, to be able to earn money on the site, you must invest by buying $100 position in a 2×1 cycler program. Bundled with the position is 1000 advertising credits that allow you to advertise on the same website.

M2M Machine Review – 3×6 Force Matrix Gifting Scheme

M2M Machine is a new advertising cum gifting scheme that claims by investing in one time fee of $10 and participating in the company’s 3×6 Matrix program, you will have an opportunity to earn a potential income of up to $422,760.00, upon completion of the 6 matrix levels.

Joining M2M Machine

Joining M2M Machine is free and open to members from all over the world. However, if you want to earn money, you must purchase positions or upgrade your account in different levels of the compensation plan.

Race Cycler Review – $230, 2×2 Matrix Board System

Today, I am going to review the latest of MLM programs  – Race Cycler, which seems to be attracting a lot of attention. So, what is Race Cycler? Race Cycler is a 2×2 reverse matrix system, composed of two boards.

Who is behind Race Cycler?

There is no clear information on who is behind this program. However, a further research reveals a man by the name Kent Brown, who claims to have being involved in multiple others MLM programs.

OneBiz Review – Blogging Platform, Traffic Generating System

OneBiz is an internet marketing program that is claimed to be a blogging platform and a traffic generating system.  According to their sales video, the system makes it possible for anyone to distribution own content, such as blog posts, articles, videos, press releases, social news, audio files, documents and other digital contents.

Joining OneBiz

Currently, OneBiz does not give much details about the membership options and only encourage new members to register for free and secure their positions on “top of the matrix”.

Teamwork Matrix Review – 3x3x3 Forced System


Teamwork Matrix is a new 3x3x3 forced matrix system that claims to be an advertising program where members can earn up to 100% commission. According to their website, members who join Teamwork Matrix and upgrade their accounts in different levels can earn up to $69,660 total in all 9 levels.

Joining Teamwork Matrix

Joining Teamwork Matrix is free. However, inorder for you to earn money, you must purchase positions in different levels of their compensation plan. Teamwork Matrix has 9 levels with each membership level costing as follows;

Zukul Review – Blogging Platform and Marketing Tools

Zukul Review

Zukul is a new internet marketing program that claims to provide its members with online marketing tools as well as a blogging platform. According to their sales video, Zukul offers a broad range of online marketing tools, including custom leads capture pages, banner creator, autoresponder, among others.

People who join Zukul can;

  • Sell Zukul products to customers
  • Re-design and create their own brand
  • Create, develop and market their own products

Joining Zukul

Joining Zukul is free. However, to be able to get access to any of their marketing materials or the blogging platform, you must purchase any of their 3 levels packages. Zukul is offering 3 different kinds of membership packages;

Its 5 Bucks Review – 3×3 Matrix System

Its 5 Bucks is a 3×3 matrix system that claims anyone can start making money by simply upgrading their account by purchasing positions in different levels on their compensation plan.

Joining Its 5 Bucks
Joining Its 5 Bucks is free. However, to be able to participate in the 3×3 matrix program, you must upgrade your account. There are 3 levels in total.

Its 5 Bucks Line of Products
Its 5 Bucks line of products involves affiliate purchasing positions in different levels of the compensation plan. Bundled with each level is a certain number of banner and text ad impressions that allow them to advertise on the same website as well as some internet marketing training/tools, as follows;

Vidcommx Review – Email Video Marketing System

Vidcommax is a new program still in its prelaunch stage that claims to be an advertising company build by “entrepreneur for entrepreneurs”.  According to their sales video, once launched, Vidcommax will be the world’s first web based email ad exchange program that will change the way people do their online advertising. If you are an affiliate, you use email, a marketer or you like sharing videos online, you are welcome to join the program.

AndThanks2U Review – $2.5 Digital Product Program

AndThanks2U is a new matrix program with multi-levels where you can earn money by purchasing and marketing digital products with master reseller rights.  It is basically a member to member program, you sell the products to the people you bring into the program and get paid directly to your payment processor of choice.

Joining AndThanks2U
Joining AndThanks2U is by purchasing a digital products worth $2.50. There are 4 different levels of the system with each one having its own digital products with varying prices.