Bonkered Review – $100, 2×1 Cycler Ponzi Scheme?

Bonkered Review

Bonkered is a new online investing program that describes itself as “an incredible super fast straight-line 2×1 cycler where members earn a 200% return on a $100.00 investment. For each position purchased at $100.00… the member will receive $200.00”.

Joining Bonkered

Joining Bonkered is free and open to members from all over the world. However, to be able to earn money on the site, you must invest by buying $100 position in a 2×1 cycler program. Bundled with the position is 1000 advertising credits that allow you to advertise on the same website.

Bonkered Line of Products

Bonkered is not offering any retailable products or services. Affiliates join the program and purchase positions in a straight line cycler program that allow them to earn a ROI of up to 200% upon cycling.

Bonkered Compensation Plan

Bonkered compensation plan revolves around affiliates investing in straight line cycler positions. They are then paid a ROI of $200 upon cycling, following first come, first served basis.

How Bonkered 2×1 Cycler Program Works

Whenever a new position is purchased, it is entered into the bottom of the line. This position then pushes up other positions in line one step upwards. When the next position is purchased, that new position will again be placed at the bottom of all previously entered positions.

When an affiliate reaches at the top of the line, that position will earn 2 payments of $100,  giving a ROI of 200% or $200.00.  This $200 payment is attained by either one referral purchasing two positions or from two affiliates purchasing two positions.

After receiving the 2 payments, that position is removed from the line and you do not earn anymore from the same position. To continue earning, you will have to repurchase a new position within 24 hours from the time your position expired.

Failure to repurchase a position will results into your account becoming inactive.  If  your account become inactive, any position already in line will also become inactive and will not be displayed in line to cycle.

Referral Commission

You receive 1 free $100 position, if you are able to refer atleast 10 active referrals. A referral to be termed as an active,  her or she must have at least 1 active position in line. For every 10th person you refer, you will receive a free $100.00 position in line.

All bonus positions are placed at the bottom of the line. A symbol or indicator will be shown to the right of that position to let the team know it’s a bonus position.

Note: You are allowed to purchase up to  a maximum of 7 positions in a single line. You must also purchase a minimum of 1 new position for every 2 payments received on a single position.

Bonkered Payment Processors and Withdrawals

Bonkered is accepting Payza, Paypal, Egopay and Solid Trust Pay. Payments are paid out directly to the member next to cycle, using online e-currency payment chosen by that particular member.


With affiliates investing in positions and being promised a ROI of up to 200% upon expiry, Bonkered is operating nothing more rather than a ponzi scheme. How long this kind of program can last is purely determined by how many new affiliates agree to join and invest.

Otherwise, with no new affiliates investing, you can expect the top positions to start stalling. Once this happens, the positions at the bottom stall too and no one get paid.

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