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admitad Review – Earn Money Online as An Affiliate

admitad is an international CPA network of over 520000 publishers and over 1200 advertisers. admitad was founded in Germany in 2009 and further was officially launched in 2010 and since that time it expanded its offering to Asia, Eastern and Western Europe as well as North America introducing such unparalleled benefits as weekly payments with different options for publishers to monetize their traffic.

Aliexpress – Aliplugin Affiliate Program Earning Proof

Aliexpress Affiliate Program Review

For the last two weeks, I have been very busy setting up my Aliexpress affiliates websites. I joined the Aliexpress Affiliate Program on 22nd of August and I even wrote the first article about Aliexpress on 24th of August. You can read more about the program here.

So far, I have to say I am really impressed. Aliexpress is unlike other affiliates programs since there is no fixed affiliate commission. Sellers are responsible for setting up their own affiliate commission and some can set as low as 1% and others as high as 50%. However, most sellers seem to be setting their affiliate commission rates in between 5% and 10%.

Aliplugin Review – Make Money With Aliexpress

Aliplugin Review

If you are looking forward to learn how to make money online using Aliexpress Affiliate Program, you can check out my earlier review on this page.  In this article, we take a look at Aliplugin, a WordPress Plugin developed for Aliexpress affiliates. You can check the plugin at the official website here or continue reading this article to understand how it works.

What Exactly is Aliplugin

Aliplugin is an Aliexpress WordPress plugin that allow you to import products from Aliexpress straight from your Dashboard. When you become an affiliate of Aliexpress, you will need to list products to sell to potential customers on your website, this is where this Aliplugin comes in. The Aliplugin will help you to fill up your store within just a few minutes by automatically importing products from Aliexpress.

How to Make Money With Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Aliexpress Affiliate Program Review

If you are looking for how to make money with Aliexpress Affiliate Program then continue reading this article to know how you get started. Aliexpress is a sister company of Alibaba, one of the largest retailer company founded back in 1999, based in China and estimated to be worth somewhere in between $150 billion to $200 billion.

The difference between the two companies is that, Alibaba deals with wholesale or customer looking for manufacturers while Aliexpress is a retail website where customers looking for single item can purchase.

4 Clickbank Best Sellers in Internet Marketing

Clickbank Best Sellers - Top Selling Products

Clickbank remains one of the most popular vendor & affiliates marketplace for digital products. Unlike other affiliate networks where you need first to get your account approved before you can start promoting any product, promoting offers from Clickbank is usually very much easier since you do not need to be approved.

You only need to register a new account and you can get started almost immediately. Clickbank commissions also tend to be much higher ranging in between 50%-75% in comparison to other similar affiliate networks.

10 Best Affiliate Marketplaces to Find Products to Promote

10 Best Affiliate Marketplaces to Find Products to Promote

If you are trying to make money online as an affiliate, then you need to know where to find products to promote in order for you to start earning commissions as an affiliate.

There are hundreds of sites offering affiliate marketing programs and some are better than others. Listed below are the top 10 Best Affiliate Marketplaces to find products to promote.

1. Amazon Associates Program

Amazon is the #1 online retailer for physical products. Basically, you can find pretty much any physical product to promote in Amazon. Amazon commission is not much compared to other marketplace and usually starts at 4%, however, the percentage usually goes up with the more products you sell.

Offervault Review – Affiliate Networks Marketplace

Offervault Affiliate Networks Review

Offervault is an affiliate directory where you can find a list of different affiliate networks. Basically, it is a marketplace where affiliates go to search for products to promote from different affiliate networks.

What happens is that, different affiliate networks list their offers, which can be in form of cost per call, cost per sale, email submit, lead generating, among others. When these offers are listed, affiliates sign up with Offervault for free, so that they can get access to the listed offers.

Affiliate Window Review – Earn Money as Publisher

Affiliate Window Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Window is a UK based advertising/publisher website where publishers can earn money through affiliate marketing.  Publishers who get accepted on this site can get access to over 1,600 brands from all over the world.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Window

To start earning money with Affiliate Window, you will need to have a website or a blog that is getting a significant amount of traffic and with high quality contents or else, it can be hard for your website to get approved.

Online Profit Stream Review – Link Posting Scam?

Online Profit Stream is a home based opportunity being marketed by Cindy Carter. Cindy Carter claims once she started using the program, within the first three months, she was debt free, able to quit her job and was making twice as much money working four hours a day, compared to what she used to earn on her full time job.

According to Cindy, anyone can start making money online and all what you need is a computer and an internet connection to use her proven and legitimate link posting system.

Salehoo Affiliate Program Review – How to Earn Money

If you are looking for a way to make money online, one best way to get started is through affiliate marketing or simply recommending other people products to potential customers. Nowadays, there are many companies offering affiliate marketing and the number continues to rise each other day.

Besides Clickbank and Clicksure, one other such company is Salehoo. You can read the full review about Salehoo in my previous post here. Today, I am going to review the Salehoo Affiliate Program.