Affiliate Window Review – Earn Money as Publisher

Affiliate Window Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Window is a UK based advertising/publisher website where publishers can earn money through affiliate marketing.  Publishers who get accepted on this site can get access to over 1,600 brands from all over the world.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Window

To start earning money with Affiliate Window, you will need to have a website or a blog that is getting a significant amount of traffic and with high quality contents or else, it can be hard for your website to get approved.

In addition, joining Affiliate Window is not free and it cost £5.00. The £5.00 is used to verify your personal details and it is credited back once your account is approved. Once your £5.00 payment is accepted, you can now set up your account, including filling up your website URL and wait for it to be approved.

The whole verification and approval process takes in between 12-48 hours but once you account is approved, you are now free to start displaying Affiliate Window merchants ads and start earning money.

Affiliate Window offers different kinds of marketing tools including, banners, widgets, product feeds and text links ads. Text links ads are merchants products links created automatically within the publisher’s contents.

So, when a reader hovers over some words in the content, a link is automatically created linking to a merchant product. If the user clicks on that link is taken to the merchant’s website and if a sale is made, you earn some commission.

Affiliate Window offer products in different major categories including, Finance and Insurance, Retail and Shopping, Telco’s and Service,  Art and Entertainment, Travel, among others.  However, you will have to sign up with each one of them and wait for your account to be approved.

Once you have been approved to promote products in that category, the last step it to get the tracking code with your unique Affiliate Window identifier code embedded and put it into your website. That is all you need to do, you are now ready to start receiving affiliate commissions.


Affiliate Window offers another good opportunity for those who would like to earn money through affiliate marketing. However, to be accepted on the site, you need to have high quality contents and a significant amount of traffic. Otherwise, without the two, you will just be wasting your time.

Finally,  it is important to understand that, Affiliate Window does not pay per click or per impression basis, it is purely an affiliate marketing, which means you will only get paid if a customer purchases something from the merchant’s website through your link.

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