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How to Make Money Flipping Websites

How to Make Money Flipping Websites

One of the best and easiest way to start making money online is by flipping. Basically, flipping means buying something at a lesser price and then selling it at a profit.  There are several websites where you can do that but the most popular ones are Flippa and Sedo. Flippa is most popular when it comes to selling websites and Sedo is good for domain selling.

However, if you want to reach a big number of audience, the best website for both websites and domain is Flippa. Signing up on Flippa is free and international users can also register on the site for free. The only thing you need to do is to verify your identity through your mobile no and Paypal, if you choose it as one of your payment options.

MyHabit Review – Amazon Sister Website for Fashion Review

MyHabit is an Amazon sister website that claims to sell designer and branded items with discounts of up to 60% on their listing prices.

Products listed on MyHabit website spans from a wide varieties of fashion including women’s, men’s, children’s fashion and accessories, toys, books and beauty products.

How to Get Started with MyHabit

If you already have an existing Amazon account, you do not have to sign up again. You simply use the same account’s details to login in to Incase you are a new customer and you do not have an existing Amazon account, you need to sign up for one for free.

CreateSpace Review – Make Money Online Self Publishing Books

Self Publish Books On CreateSpace is an Amazon company for authors or writers who would like to self publish their books.

If you have already written a book or maybe, you are thinking of writing one in the near future, I would recommend you to take a closer look at CreateSpace.

Basically, Createspace takes care for publishing, selling and even shipping your books to your customers just for a small share of your list price.

Make Money Selling Smartphone Photos

If you own a Smartphone, you can turn it to a money making machine. Over the last years, Smartphones have advanced in both functionality as well as structural wise.

In fact, most of the Smartphones found in the market today are so advanced that many of them are capable of taking high quality photos, better or similar to the ones taken by regular cameras.

This ability of the Smartphones to take high quality photos has also led to setting up of websites that are solely dedicated to selling/buying photos from Smartphones. So, if you are reading this post and you’re a good Smartphone photographer, the following is the top 3 websites where you can sell your smartphone photos and get paid;