Make Money Selling Smartphone Photos

If you own a Smartphone, you can turn it to a money making machine. Over the last years, Smartphones have advanced in both functionality as well as structural wise.

In fact, most of the Smartphones found in the market today are so advanced that many of them are capable of taking high quality photos, better or similar to the ones taken by regular cameras.

This ability of the Smartphones to take high quality photos has also led to setting up of websites that are solely dedicated to selling/buying photos from Smartphones. So, if you are reading this post and you’re a good Smartphone photographer, the following is the top 3 websites where you can sell your smartphone photos and get paid;

1.  Clashot

Clashot is an mobile based application for iOS and Android where you can upload your photos and get paid. Any photo that you upload to Clashot becomes available for sale to publishers, bloggers, designers or anyone else who might be interested in buying it.

Some of the other photos are selected and sold at the Depositphotos microstock agency. You then earn a 44% royalty from each photo sold at Clashot or Depositphotos.

2.  Scoopshot

Scoopshot is a mobile app that allow you to share, view or sell your Smartphone photos. It is free for all iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian phones.

How to Get Started With Scoopshot 

You submit your images to tasks (a mobile feature for new contents). Your images then become available to the Scoopshot members from all over the world.If anyone purchases any of your images, you earn some money.

You can then request for a withdrawal anytime either via a bank transfer or Paypal. In addition, you get rewarded if your photo is voted as the best by other members.

Scoopshot also does offer photo tasks for those who would like to earn money completing them. Tasks are sent directly to your smartphone, based on your location and are to be completed within a specific time frame. So, if you select to complete one, make sure you submit the images before the deadline.

3.  Foap

Foap buys and sell images to people from all over the world. To get started, you download the Foap app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You then upload your image to Foap using the app and wait for other users to rate it.

If your photo is rated with at least a minimum average of 2.6, it is published on Foap Market for sale. If your photo gets less than 2.6, it is not published and you will most likely have to change it with another one.

Once your photo is published on Foap market for sale, you will get notified through your Smartphone or via email.  So, you should make sure your sales notification in the mobile app profile is on.

You earn $5 per photo sold and you can sell it as many times as you want. You can also request for withdrawal anytime you want as there is no minimum withdrawal threshold required.

These are some of the three websites where you can sell your Smartphone images and get paid. If you are good or you know someone who is capable of taking some good photos, I would recommend you to give them a trial. Some of them do allow you to sell a photo for unlimited number of times, which can significantly increase your earnings within a short time.


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