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Chacha Guide Review

Chacha is an American online company composed of community of professionals or people with interesting ideas willing to share them with other members.

Chacha is open to anyone above 18 years with a US mailing address and who is authorized to work in USA.

When you register on Chacha website for the first time, you become a ChaCha guide. As a Chacha guide, you can share knowledge, skills and ideas by answering questions asked by other members.

However, during registration, you are required to fill up some information about yourself, submit a W-9 form and to pass a compatibility assessment for the specific Guide Role you choose.

In addition, you also take a “Role Readiness Test” that confirms you’re ready to handle live customer questions. Completing the Readiness Test will activate you as a paid ChaCha Guide.

All Chacha registered members are called Guides and are classified into different categories;

  • Generalists
  • Specialists
  • Expeditors
  • Trasnscribers

Generalists are those who are skilled at navigating the web.  Specialist are those who are passionate about a particular topic and has knowledge on those topics. Expeditors are those members who are good in puzzle solving and Transcribers are the the smartest of all members.

The work of all guides is to help those with questions with well researched, analyzed answers and to offer training to those in need. A Chacha guide earns a certain amount of money per task completed.

Expeditors earn $0.02 cents per any completed task and Trancribers earns $0.03 per completed task. Generalists and Specialists earn between $0.10 and $0.20 for completed task, based on the category of the question answered.

In addition, Chacha guides do earn some points for any completed task while the Expeditors and Transcribers each earns 2 points per task. Generalists and Specialists earn 8 points each for any task completed.

These points are equivalent to a certain amount of money that is paid at the beginning of each month. The more sessions you participate in, the more earnings you get.


Chacha offers another great way to earn some extra dollars online. However, since their payout is very low, you will have to answer many questions to even earn a few dollars, which can be sometimes time consuming and tiring.

So, I would only recommend Chacha for newbies or beginners who enjoy answering questions online and who are looking forward to earning some few dollars online.

Otherwise, there are other better and high paying opportunities, which you can simply find by browsing through some of my posts in this blog.

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