Desperate Buyers Only Review – Finding Profitable Niche

Desperate Buyers Only Review

One of the greatest eBook that I have ever come across for those who are struggling to find a profitable niche to begin the journey of earning a decent income online is Desperate Buyers Only, an e-book by Alexis Dawes.

This eBook focuses on how to find markets with hungry buyers with pressing problems who are willing to spend money to get their problem solved. In this eBook, you will understand why it is not about writing topics you are passionate about rather, it more on finding something that is working and sticking to it.

As you know, we were all made to believe you can only success if you do what you love but wait, what about if what you love is already saturated or you cannot make money out of it or maybe, you do not have the skills needed to market it.  What about if your passion is not marketable, I mean, people no longer spend money on it, could you still stick to it?

Ideally, passion is important since it motivates and give you something to get started and sometimes, the only way you stay motivated long enough to realize results, is to a choose a passion-based topic.

However, are they better alternatives to reach your goals faster? Thanks to Desperate Buyers Only, you can now use the techniques found on this eBook by focusing on “desperate buyers”, people who are ready to spend money to solve urgent problems.

So, what are some of topics you can expect to find on Desperate Buyers Only;

1. Choosing a Topic

One of the major challenge that newbies face is finding the a right topic to write about. Desperate Buyers Only guide you through the process of topic selection and provide you with easy to follow steps.

Here are a few breakdowns of the topics discussed under choosing a topic

  • Understanding their Pain – Determine the psychological behind the problem. Desperate Buyers Only list altleast 9 common psychological needs human being have and any problem you will find must be related to atleast any of the 9 issues.
  • Find Forums or Website Where Your Chosen Audience are Found – This is the next step in finding the right topic. Here you will be able to learn their language, habit and be able to know the major problem they are facing at that particular time through their conversion.
  • Learn How to Choose Your Audience – By getting to know the list of 13 types of people who have desperate problems that need to be solved. This is a very important step since it will help you to establish a long term relationship with the audience that you select.
  • Pick the Most Desperate Problem – Since you already have your list of problems, which you got on step three. Now, what you need to do is to go through all the problems and identify which among them is desperate enough for your audience to spend money on. What is the most pressing issue that most people are discussing or looking for a solution to.
  • The Dealbreaker  – This is all about finding the right traffic that convert well. You do not have to follow what everyone else is doing. It more about understanding your audience well and knowing what work for them. It is important to figure out how your desperate buyers go looking for solutions and not simply following what is considered standard practice to drive traffic.
  • Assess Your Competition – This is one of the most critical step that determines how successful you become in your field.  Learn how to go one step further ahead of your competitors by focusing on differentiation as a strategy.

2. Creating Content

No need to write long pages report anymore. It all about designing something short, specifically meant for those who do not like writing or reading. A system to sell short reports that sell under $30, which is straight to the point, researched and written by experts in that particular field. The idea is to provide all the best answers in one place to sell to people desperate enough to buy immediately.

You do not need to create a 30 or 50 pages eBook to make this work. Alexis claims she made a ChexSystem with only 6 pages and she managed to make $150 – $250 a day selling it to desperate buyers.

3. Copywriting

If you hate copy writing, then this part is one of the best that you will ever read. Desperate Buyers Only provides a fantastic breakdown of how to write a sales page for virtually anything online. Learn the simple list of elements your sales letter needs to address.

In addition, Desperate Buyers Only illustrates how to do this by drawing examples taken from her own sales page. You could almost take the sales pages and just copy and paste and make a little changes, based on what you are selling.

4. Traffic

How to generate traffic is one of the most important topic in any online business and an eBook wouldn’t be complete without such discussion. This is why Desperate Buyers Only details how she managed to drive traffic using some of the most commonly methods used today.

Desperate Buyers Only goes one step further by showing you exactly what she did that worked, a method that you can easily replicate on your own. Other methods discussed for generating traffic include, Classified Ads, Google Adwords.

Other topics discussed on the eBook include, affiliate marketing with case studies, selling your product as a WSO through Warrior forum and much more.

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Who is Desperate Buyers Suitable For?
Desperate Buyers Only is a great eBook focusing on everything you need to know to start a profitable business online. It is suitable for any kind of audience, with or without a passion or anyone else looking for a way to earn money online.

It is also ideal for anyone who has not yet selected a topic and for those who may have previously followed their passion but they did not make any money.


Desperate Buyers Only presents a very logical and systematic way to start making money online, without having to always follow your passion. In short, it all about doing something that you know is profitable, about hungry buyers and where to find them, which together with some great short written reports, will lead to the kind of income that you have always wanted.

Choosing a profitable niche and finding the right buyers is always one of the greatest challenge for beginners, newbie or those simply stuck to their passion.

However, if you spare sometime to go through Desperate Buyers Only, you will understand exactly what you need to do to become an expert in a field that was never your passion and start generating constant income online. If you are ready to get started – Get Your Desperate Buyers Only Copy Now.

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