CloudSource Review – Get Paid Completing Amazon Turks Tasks


CrowdSource is an outsourcing, work at home company that recently acquired CloudCrowd. The company hires home-based workers who would like to earn money by completing shorts tasks, writing as well as editing jobs.

However, you do not work directly from Crowd Source, the work you do is through Amazon Mturk platform.

CrowdSource accept members from most countries in the world, however, you will need to have a USA bank account to get paid or simply sign up with Payoneer to get a Debit Mastercard that allow you to receive payments from USA Banks.

How To Get Started with CrowdSource

After signing up with CrowdSource, you are required to take a writing and editing assessment test. Once you have passed the test, you can now register with Amazon Mechanical Turk. It takes around 48 hours for Amazon to approve your  account and to get your Amazon worker ID.

Once you have your Amazon worker ID, submit it to CrowdSource for them to create for you a worker profile.  Once your profile has been created, you can now login to your Amazon account, browse through the available tasks and find something interesting to complete.

Start working on the task, complete it and submit it for approval. If your task is approved,  Amazon will deposit money into your payment account where you can can redeem in the Amazon store or it can be transferred directly to your banking account.

Types of Works

CrowdSource offers different kinds of jobs and tasks, including short tasks like image tagging, transcription and website categorization. Sometimes, they do have offers in writing and editing jobs. These are usually larger projects that pay much higher than ordinary tasks.

How Much Do You Get Paid Per Task?

Payment for easier tasks is quite low, usually not more than $0.10 cents. For writing jobs, payment ranges in between $0.02 to $0.035 per word. You get paid through direct deposit or you can use the money to shop in Amazon.


CrowdSource offer you an opportunity to earn money by completing short online tasks as well as writing jobs. However, since the payout is quite low, you will have to complete thousands of these shorts tasks to earn some decent income.

In addition, jobs that tend to pay much higher like writing and editing are rarely available. So, you will only have to rely on completing short tasks, which can be very time consuming.

So, I wouldn’t recommend CrowdSource as a mean to pay your bills, unless you are just looking for something to help you add a few dollars to what you already have or you got alot of time to spare.

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