MOBROG Review – Earn Money Completing Surveys Online

MOBROG Survey Review

MOBROG is online research marketing/survey website where you can get paid for completing various surveys. It is an international survey company with branches in different countries like USA, Canada, UK, Philippines, India, Indonesia, South Africa, among others. Currently, MOBROG is available in more than 42 countries.

How to Get Started With MOBROG

Getting started with MOBROG is very easy. You just have to select the country where you want to register and fill up the registration form. Once you are through the registration process, you will be asked to complete your profile – hobbies, interests, marital status, medical history as well as other important information about yourself.

It is important you fill up the form with the correct information to make sure you increase your chances of getting more surveys. You are also allowed to select how frequently you want to be receiving notification of surveys through your email.

MOBROG Mobile Survey App

For those who would like to earn money by completing mobile surveys, MOBROG offers a mobile app that allow you to receive surveys straight from your mobile phone.  Here is how to get started with mobile App;

  • You download the free app from the app store.
  • Enter details about yourself and your interests in your profile in the app.
  • Start taking part in surveys using the app and get paid for your opinion.

How Does it Work?

All surveys you receive on your mobile with the “$” sign are paid surveys. Next to each survey there is a number (for example: 700/1000). The 700 means that 700 people have already taken part in the survey, and MOBROG is looking for a total of 1000 participants.

You will then get paid for the survey as long as you respond before 1000/1000 is indicated. If the 1000/1000 value appears, you can still take part but you will not receive any payment.

So, you should make sure you are checking your mobile survey notification more often to avoid missing surveys that require a few number of participants.

How Much Do You Get Paid Per Survey?

How much money you get paid per survey depends on the length, company offering the survey and how many surveys you receive in a month. On average, MOBROG pays in between $0.5 to $3 per survey.

However, you can even earn much higher for completing longer surveys. In addition, most surveys are quite interesting and will not take a lot of your time to complete them.

You can request for a withdrawal anytime you have accumulated atleast $6.25 in your account.  Payments are made through Paypal, instantly. There is also 2% transaction fee on every withdrawal.


If you enjoy completing surveys online, MOBROG offer you an opportunity to earn money by either registering on their website or downloading the mobile app to your phone.  However, to be able to earn some good money on the site, you will have to complete many surveys or complete higher paying ones since the payout is a little bit low.

27 thoughts on “MOBROG Review – Earn Money Completing Surveys Online

  1. nlnjycee says:

    Hey guys, I registered at mobrog, ithink last year but i didnt bother checking my mails or answering a survey. Just this week I completed 2 surveys already which cost 51 pesos (it was just a short survey so yeah). Sometimes they choose the appropriate person for a certain survey. I got a survey about smoking, they ask if i’m smoking or not, and I’m not, so the survey was not given to me. It works fine SO FAR.

  2. Nadia says:

    well it is legit, but they are such a ripoff! half way through the survey if you answer a question that shows you are not a potential customer, they simply sign you out and say sorry you can not continue with this survey, even though you had already spent 15 minutes or so already answering all the tiresome questions. this should be illegal.

  3. JR says:

    I just finished my first survey for P50.00 this morning. P250.00 is the required level for me to cash out. So, let’s see what would happen. Seems fine for now.

    Btw, I just registered yesterday and already received two invites today.
    However, I missed the first one.

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