TaskRabbit Review – Get Paid for Completing Tasks

Taskrabbit -Review

TaskRabbit is an American online mobile app platform that allow employers to ourtsource their tasks to willing taskers to complete them at a small fee.

Employers register with TaskRabbit to post tasks that they need to be completed while taskers register with TaskRabbit to complete various tasks and get paid.

Whether you are looking for a handyman, a house cleaner or someone to do your laundry, you will definitely find someone willing to complete the task in TaskRabbit.

How to Get Started as an Employer or TaskPoster

Registering as an employer is much easier since there is no verification needed. You simply set up your account and you can start posting tasks almost immediately.  You are also responsible for setting prices.

Once you have set the prices, TaskRabbit will automatically assign the task to a tasker whom they think is most suited to complete it. You can also pick one of the registered taskers to complete it.

How To Get Started as a Tasker/Worker

To get started, you will need to register either through Linked or Facebook. You then fill up an application form and wait for it to be approved.  Once your application is approved, you will also have to go through a verification process.

This whole verification process may take a few weeks or even a few months to be completed and usually involves a video interview, a federal and local criminal background check and a training session.

In addition, not everyone get approved, taskers are selected based on many factors, such as their qualification, area in which they apply, tasks available, among others factors.

However, once you are through the verification process and you account has been approved, you are now free to start accepting different tasks.

Some of the tasks posted on TaskRabbit include  things like feeding pets, house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, holiday planning, research, web design, proofreading, among others.

Some other employers may post some tasks that require to be completed by more than one person, over a certain period of time.

How Much Money Do You Earn Per Task?

There is no limitation on how much money you can earn with TaskRabbit. How much money you earn depends on your work experience, tasks available and how many hours you dedicate to this kind of work. However, tasks that require special skills like web designing tend to pay much higher than others.

The following are average TaskRabbit recommended prices for various tasks;

  • Grocery Shopping – $35
  • House Cleaning – $60
  • Handyman – $85
  • Delivery – $28–43

After completing a task, you are required to mark it as complete. A notification will then be sent to the employer to pay and close down the task. If the employer doesn’t respond within 3 days, TaskRabbit system automatically closes down that particular task and a direct deposit of the cash to your bank account of choice is done.


TaskRabbit offers a great opportunity for those looking for ways to earn some extra income by completing different tasks while maintaining their own hours and independence. If you are a student, a stay at home mom, you have some time to spare or you simply do not have a full time job, I would recommend you to take a closer look at TaskRabbit.

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