How to Increase Blog Infolinks Earnings

How to Increase Infolinks Earnings

When it comes to making money online through blogging, you will never know what works best for you, unless you are ready to try the many options available.

Making money online by blogging is not always as easy as some people think and it requires alot of hard work, dedication, testing and commitment. There are various way bloggers can use to monetize their blogs and one such is way is through Infolinks text ads.

Infolinks ads are very customizable and tend to integrate very well within the contents. You can set the number of links to be shown in a page, where you want your links to appear, the color and the number of lines that you want to appear under the text links.

To increase your Infolinks earnings, you only need to know how to customize your Infolinks ads and how to properly use advertising tools given by Infolinks, such as search widget, related tags and tag clouds.


By customizing your text links color, you are making sure you links match well with the theme or the color of your blog.  This leads to your blog looking very natural and attractive. You also take control of how many links you would like to be shown on a page. The maximum links that you show in a page is 12 and the minimum is 1.

Tag Clouds

Tag Cloud uses Infolinks algorithm to create colorful cloud of keywords that are relevant to your content, which is located within your content at the bottom of the text area. If a users clicks on any of the tag cloud keywords, he is taken to the advertiser’s website and you get credited based on the CPC rate set for that particular Keyword.

Related Tags

With use of Related Tags, Infolinks selects the best keywords within that page and display them as tags within the Related Tags banner unit. When a visitor hovers over the tags, an Infolinks ad appears and if a visitor clicks on it is directed to an advertiser website and you make some money.

Search Widget

As the word suggest, a Search Widget is used to search for related contents while you are still within a page contents and works in a similar way as the other tags. According to Infolinks, using search widget can increase your CTR rate at 4%.

Writing Longer Posts

If you usually write posts under 200 words, you are more likely going to get less CTR. The longer your post is, the more clicks you get. You are also able to have more links in a longer page than a shorter one hence increasing the possibilities of them getting clicked on by a user.

Targeted Traffic

It is always important to work towards gettting high quality targeted traffic. Clicks from countries like US pay much higher than clicks from other countries. The more targeted traffic you get from these countries, the higher is the CPC, which equals to a higher earnings.

Update Your Content Regularly

It is no brainier that having good quality contents is the key to having regular readers. In addition, the more new contents you have, the more new links you will get. Infolinks insert relevant, pay-per-click advertising within your own words within your blog. With more new contents, you are simply increasing the number of high paying keywords within your blog, which will be used to generate more clicks.

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