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Salehoo Review – Drop Shipping, Suppliers Directory

Salehoo is one of the largest wholesale, drop shipping company that is specifically designed to help affiliates and other small business owners looking for cheap items to sell on sites like eBay, Amazon, among others. It is basically a membership site with directory of 8,000 suppliers and over 1.5 million products. These supplies are thoroughly screened for security reasons and to make sure you are only dealing with genuine ones.

Gatwin Review – Make Money As Affiliate, Playing Games

Gatwin is a new affiliate program that describes itself as “a global member network with its own shopping and online services portal”. Basically, it is a global network where anyone who wants to make money as an affiliate can join. However, unlike other affiliate programs where you only earn by promoting affiliated products, Gatwin give you a chance to earn from several other ways, including playing games, browsing, among others.

Profit With Michael Review – Profit Website System

Profit with Michael Review

Profit With Michael is a work from home income based opportunity that Michael claims will teach you the secrets to making “thousands of dollars a month” with no previous work experience. According to Michael, anyone can use the system to make money online and what you only need is a computer, a stable internet connection to get started with the entire system for free.

So, What Exactly is Profit With Michael?
Profit with Michel is basically an internet/affiliate marketing system composed of the website – “Profit Website”, which is the main product of Profit With Michael. According to Micheal, “Profit Website” is a site created to teach people how to save the planet as well as to help them make money online. However, to get started with the system, you must claim your website. Once you have selected your domain name, a company going by the name “” will then create your website.

Sitebildz Review – Affiliate Automation, Legit or Scam?

SitBildz Review

Sitebildz is a web based software created by the team behind SENuke (the revolutionary backlink building software). It is basically an affiliate, CPC sites building software that not only allows you to create your affiliates sites within minutes but it also searches for a niche, domain name and then automates the whole process of contents creation.

How Sitebildz Works?

To build a successful money making website online, it requires some basic knowledge on how to search for right keyword to use on your website. However, the whole process of searching for a keyword and right domain name is usually a long process since keywords tools like Google Adwords does not give specific details that can help you in making your final decision. This is the reason why you need a more comprehensive software like Sitebildz.

How to Use Clicksure Affiliates to Earn Money Online

This post is meant for beginners who would like to earn money by promoting Clicksure products, yet they do not know how to go about finding products in Clicksure marketplace.

I will start by defining what is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically where you recommend a certain product or an offer to a consumer or a buyer. The owner of the product then agrees to pay you a certain percentage of the selling price once you have sold that product. This is what we call commission and this is what an affiliate like you and me earns.

JVZoo Review – Get Paid Instant Commission on Paypal

I have been using several affiliate partner programs like Clickbank, Clicksure for sometimes now, until last year, when I started using JVZoo affiliate partner program. One thing that I like most about JVZoo is that, you can get paid your commission instantly. This means if someone buys a product using your affiliate link, you do not have to wait for the seller to approve your sale, your commission is sent directly to your Paypal account.

Click2Sell Versus Clickbank Affiliate Networks

Click-2-Sell Vs Clickbank

Click2sell is an advertising and affiliate network that deal with both physical and digital products. Unlike Clickbank where you can find thousands and thousands of vendors and affiliates, Click2Sell is relatively a smaller network. However, due to the smaller marketplace, it is usually very easy to navigate through the marketplace when searching for products to promote.

To sign up with Click2Sell is very easy and it only takes you a few minutes. No pre-requirements needed before registration and they accept affiliates from all over the world. After signing up, you can start marketing their products by simply going to Click2Sell marketplace and selecting the products that you want to promote.

Clickbank Alternatives Affiliate Marketing Programs

When it comes to finding and selecting products to promote, Clickbank is well known as the leading marketplace. You can find pretty much anything on Clickbank and for those looking for ways to earn money online, Clickbank offers one of the easiest way to earn as an affiliate.

While most other affiliate programs may require specific individual or site requirement, Clickbank virtually accepts anyone and there is no limit when it comes to the number of products that you can promote at a particular time.

Clicksure Review – Make Money by Affiliate Marketing

Clicksure Review

Clicksure is a marketplace like Clickbank where sellers, buyers and affiliates meet. You can sign up as a seller or as an affiliate. As a seller, you can sell any of your digital products through Clicksure at a minimal fee. As an affiliate, you have the chance to choose and promote hundreds of digital products found on the marketplace.

How to Make Money with Clicksure
Clicksure offers a wide range of digital products, that ranges from;