Sitebildz Review – Affiliate Automation, Legit or Scam?

SitBildz Review

Sitebildz is a web based software created by the team behind SENuke (the revolutionary backlink building software). It is basically an affiliate, CPC sites building software that not only allows you to create your affiliates sites within minutes but it also searches for a niche, domain name and then automates the whole process of contents creation.

How Sitebildz Works?

To build a successful money making website online, it requires some basic knowledge on how to search for right keyword to use on your website. However, the whole process of searching for a keyword and right domain name is usually a long process since keywords tools like Google Adwords does not give specific details that can help you in making your final decision. This is the reason why you need a more comprehensive software like Sitebildz.

What is Sitebildz ?

Sitebildz is a comprehensive site building system that comes in videos training, PDF and Sitebildz software. The whole training  is composed of 9 modulesa which are basically steps that you need to follow to set up your affiliate marketing site. These modules are not only training modules but a tutorial guide on how to use the software on each steps.

The following are the different kind of tools that are found within Sitebildz system;

1.  Niche Research – niche research allows you to search for the right keyword that you want to target when creating your website.  You simply key in a keyword that you would like to use. The niche keyword tool then automatically generates for you a list of  keywords showing their competition, CPC, among others.

2.  Niche Competition – with niche competition tool, you can be able to know how many people are searching for that specific keyword in a month and how many domains are under that specific keyword you are choosing.

3.  Monetization – This tool allows you to integrate and add products from  Amazon, Clickbank, AdSense within your contents so that you can start making money through your website. The software allows you to automatically search for the best selling items in Amazon and Clickbank and insert the products information on your website.

4.  Domain Manager –  Once you have found the domain name that you want to target, the next step is to register your domain. Domain manager allows you to register your domain with either Namecheap or enom.

5.  Theme Manager – Theme manager allows you to choose the blogging platform that you want to use for your new website depending on the niche that you have chosen.

6.  Content Manager – This is all about contents creation. There are three different ways to create your contents; either by spinning the contents that you got from affiliate sites like Amazon, use of article builder, articlebiz or create your own contents.

7.  SEO – Without proper search engine optimization process, your site will mostly likely not rank high in search engine. Sitebildz SEO allows you to optimize your site using both onsite and offsite techniques.

8.  Social Media Posting – This is all about posting your contents and  sharing it in social networks using the Sitebildz social mead tool.

9.  Site Flipping – The site flipping tool allows those who want to make money by flipping domain or selling domain to do it directly from Sitebildz website.

10.  Mobile Marketing – Allows you to make money through your mobile phone by creating your own affiliate marketing mobile sites.

How to Make Money With Sitebildz
Making money with Sitebildz is through affiliate marketing and AdSense CPC. You insert your AdSense ID, Amazon and Clickbank affiliate links on your website and every time someone click on the ads or buy something using a link found on your website, you get paid a certain commission.


  • You get everything that you need to build a successful online business on one place.
  • You can choose to host your site on Sitebildz servers or outside host like Hostgator.
  • Siteblilds software integrates your affiliate links within your contents so that you can start making money online.
  • Easy to use and newbie friendly.
  • Contents are generated automatically.
  • You can built as many sites as you want within a few minutes.
  • The software automate the SEO process to make sure your site rank high in search engines.


  • You will need to purchase a domains that you want to use. However, a domain name only cost $10 per year.
  • Some of the in build features like the Article builder will require you to spend more money if you decide to use them.

Is Sitebildz legit or Scam? Sitebildz is not a scam. It is a comprehensive system that allows you to  build a successful affiliate and CPC online businesses or websites within a few minutes. If you have been looking forward to creating a well optimized money making website, Sitebildz is a system that I highly recommend.

The other good thing with using Sitebildz is that everything is automated, starting from keywords search, domain search, contents creation, posting and promotion which saves you a lot of time. You also do not have to worry about writing contents, you just set the software to automatically post your contents whenever time you want.

Sitebildz also comes with an inbuild feature that allows you to promote your contents in social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.