Click2Sell Versus Clickbank Affiliate Networks

Click-2-Sell Vs Clickbank

Click2sell is an advertising and affiliate network that deal with both physical and digital products. Unlike Clickbank where you can find thousands and thousands of vendors and affiliates, Click2Sell is relatively a smaller network. However, due to the smaller marketplace, it is usually very easy to navigate through the marketplace when searching for products to promote.

To sign up with Click2Sell is very easy and it only takes you a few minutes. No pre-requirements needed before registration and they accept affiliates from all over the world. After signing up, you can start marketing their products by simply going to Click2Sell marketplace and selecting the products that you want to promote.

So, what are the benefits of choosing Click2Sell products rather than Clickbank? In order for you to decide whether you want to promote Click2Sell products or Clickbank, I will compare both the pros and cons of both Click2Sell and Clickbank.

Click2Sell Versus Clickbank Pros and Cons 
Click2Sell Clickbank
Easy to select and find a product that you want to promote. You will have to search through the many products unless you know the name of the product that you want to promote.
Payment is made through Paypal, Moneybookers  or Payoneer. Payment is by made via Check or Direct Deposit.
Highly advanced tracking system. Clickbank tracking system provides you with the basics.
No set payment threshold. Payments are done on monthly basis. Minimum threshold is $10. Direct deposits are either paid weekly or bi-weekly.
Commission earnings of up to 95%. Commission earnings of up to 75% per sale.
Accepts affiliates from all over the world. No specific requirements. Accepts affiliates from some countries. No specific requirements.
Small number of affiliates and vendors. Large number of affiliates and vendors.
You can sell both digital, subscription based and physical products. You sell only digital products.
Small marketplace with less products to promote. A large market place with plenty of products to promote.
Vendors can pay using GBP, EURO and USD currencies. Vendors can pay using 13 different currencies.
Pay referral commission for new affiliates.
Pay referral commission for new affiliates.

From the above table, you can clearly see the differences between Click2Sell and Clickbank. Both of them are affiliates networks that differ in various ways. Each one of them have its cons and pros as highlighted on the table above.

However, when you look at the overall picture, Click2Sell seems to win over Clickbank in several ways, especially when it comes to the affiliates. However, Clickbank offers a wide range of products and consists of a large number of affiliates, making it a better marketplace for vendors.

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  1. charly says:

    Hello there! is great information, but currently working their way Click2Sell has changed ?? or it remains the same. Sorry but I’m new at this.
    Currently I think Click2Sell a stolen market clickbank, with some products in my case I promote my site health products, and work well with shreasale, but compared to clickbank and Click2Sell not know if also work with these products sexual health or aesthetic and cosmetic products, if anyone knows, thanks in advance!

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