5 Ways on How to Earn More Money as a Writer

Paid to Write Articles

Writing paid articles is another great way to earn money online. There are thousands of people who are earning a passive income through article writing and some of them have made it a full time job. However, most people who are earning through article writing are either writing articles for other blogs (guest blogging), freelancing or submitting their articles to paid sites, where they earn a monthly passive income.

One downside with article submission sites is most of them do not pay very well and some of them even require you to have an approved adsense account to be able to earn from the site.

There are a few other traditional ways that you can use to earn more money online, that I am going to discuss in this article;

1. Magazines
Writing for magazines is great way to earn as a writer. The magazine industry is uprising and new publications are coming up each other day. Magazines about celebrities, lifestyle and interesting life events are some of the best selling.

You could start by contacting a certain magazine with your story and requesting them whether they would be interested in buying your story.

If your story is interesting, with the right theme, it is most likely that they will be willing to buy it. You just have to make sure you are aware of the kind of story the magazine publishes each month, so that you would look for a story that matches the magazine theme.

2. Newsletters
Newsletters are a small version of magazines, usually written for small companies or organizations, featuring specific information about the company and its members. Most newsletter are produced weekly, occasionally or whenever there is some special events that the company would like to publish.

Most of these companies are small and they cannot afford to hire full-time writer, so they turn to hiring freelancers for layouts and writing. The hired freelancers are then assigned topics to write about and then provided with ideas or stories about members and the company to be included in the newsletter.

This is another good way to earn money as a writer. If you are able to come up with an inclusive, well designed newsletter, you get paid very well. You also built your reputation and you are more likely to get other future assignments.

3. Writing Columns for Newspaper
Despite the fact that some companies are turning to online publications, newspapers are still alive and are read by millions of people, all over the world. Writing newspaper columns is another great way to earn money as writer and especially so, if you are writing for a well known company with a good reputation.

Some of the companies will require you to submit an application and a column sample before approval. However, if you are able to write an unique, quality piece, this should not be a problem and you will easily get approved.

How much money you earn depend on how many approved columns you have submitted and whether you have submitted them on time. You must be able to meet the deadline in order for you to make money as a newspaper columnist.

4. Funded Publication
In funded publication, you write a story and then contact prospective buyers and request them whether they would be interested in buying your story. You could also start by contacting the company and then submitting a sample of the story or article that you intend to write about. If they are interested in buying it, you then set a price, including the ownership rights.

5. Writing a Press Release
Writing a press release is not like writing an ordinary article, it requires skills and proper understanding on what need to be included and where. This is the reason why not everyone can write one.

Most big companies do have their own full-time PR staffs but small companies and individual usually hire public release writers. Writing for PR can be a good way to earn hundred of dollars within a few minutes.

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