Clickbank Alternatives Affiliate Marketing Programs

When it comes to finding and selecting products to promote, Clickbank is well known as the leading marketplace. You can find pretty much anything on Clickbank and for those looking for ways to earn money online, Clickbank offers one of the easiest way to earn as an affiliate.

While most other affiliate programs may require specific individual or site requirement, Clickbank virtually accepts anyone and there is no limit when it comes to the number of products that you can promote at a particular time.

They are also known to have a very reliable support system and pay on time, once you reach the payout threshold.  However, you might be reading this article because you are thinking of trying out other affiliates or maybe, you are not finding the right product you want to promote in Clickbank.

The following is a list of other Clickbank alternatives that you can use. Some of them do require specific affiliate requirements, just make sure you understand the terms of service before signing up with any of them;

1.  As Seen on Pc
As Seen on Pc only accepts affiliates with their own websites or blogs. You are required to fill up your site information during registration. They offer varieties of physical products from health, beauty, fashion, home, gadgets, among others. No specific site requirement is needed.

2. Clicksure
Clicksure is another marketplace like Clickbank, dealing with digital products. No specific individual or site requirement needed, anyone can sign up on site and start promoting their products. You can read my previous review about how to select products in Clicksure.

3.  Bluesnap (formerly known as Plimus)
Bluesnap is a marketplace for digital products. You can find a lot of products and software to promote. They easily accept affiliates and no specific site requirement. You can also integrate their affiliate link as text or banners within your website content.

4.  Markethealth
As the name suggests, Markethealth is a place for affiliate that want to promote physical health products. You need to have a website in health to be accepted as an affiliate.

5.  Revenuewire
Revenuewire is a marketplace for digital products. However, they only accept members from specific countries. They pay commission as high as 75%.

6.  Paydotcom
Paydotcom accepts anyone and no site requirement needed. You can sign up anytime and start promoting their products. They deal with varieties of digital products and payment is made through Paypal or by check.

7.  Swissmademarketing
A place for digital products and software. They accept affiliates from all over the world, provided you have a Paypal account. No specific requirements needed and anyone can sign up and start earning.

These are some of the few programs that can act like an alternative to Clickbank. Most of them do deal with digital products just like Clickbank.

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