Witmart Review – Legit or Scam?

Witmart Review

Witmart is a crowd sourcing website that offers professional business services to employers looking for freelancers (providers) from all over the world. The company is operated by ZBJ Network, lnc. with its offices located in USA, Canada and China. Witmart claims to be an internet marketplace and workplace for non-physical products, such as services, designs and digital goods.

Witmart  Line of Products

Some of the products and services offered by Witmart include;

  • Graphic and logo design
  • Ready made logo store
  • Translation services
  • Web development and design
  • Writing services
  • Marketing promotion
  • Programming
  • Marketing and sales services, among others.

How to Earn Money with WitMart

Registering on the website is free and no country restrictions. You can choose to register as either a provider or as an employer.

Witmart Employers

If you register as an employer, you can either choose to contract or contest your job. When you contest, you post your job and providers can bid for it. When you contract, you pick a specific number of providers, based on their qualifications.

You only pay once the job is completed or you can choose to pay in instalments. However, Witmart requires employers to deposit their full amount of reward to Witmart when they post a job.

You will also have to go through an identification process. Witmart conducts Identity Verification on every employer via email and phone. Employers whose identity have been verified have a Verified icon next to their user names.

Witmart Providers

These are members who register to do various jobs found on Witmart. As a Witmart provider, you can wait to be contracted or you can select the kind of project you want to complete, bid and wait to be selected. If you are selected, work on the project, wait for the employer to approve it and get rewarded.

You will also have to go through an identification process. Witmart conducts Identity Verification on all its providers via email and phone. Verified Providers are trusted by Employers. As a certified provider, you will have the privilege and benefit of bidding for exclusive jobs.

You also get an opportunity to sign up for a Gold Membership. Gold members earn more money per bid than other basic members.

Other Ways to Earn Money on Witmart In additional to contracting or bidding for projects found on Witmart, other ways to earn money is by either referring new members or by participating in Witmart affiliate program.

Witmart Referral Program

  • You can either choose to invite an employer or a provider. If you invite a employer;
  • You earn $5 when the employer you have invited signs up and posts a job.
  • You earn 7% commission on the job reward when the employer completes a job.
  • You earn $7 when a user purchase a logo at Witmart ready made logo store.

If you invite a provider;

  • You earn 5% commission on the provider’s earnings when he or she completes a job.
  • You earn 5% commission on the provider’s earnings when he or she receives a tip.
  • You earn $5 when every provider that you refer to Witmart signs up for a gold membership.

All commissions are paid instantly but only when you refer a valid employer or a valid provider.

Witmart Affiliate Program

Witmart Affiliate Program is offered in conjunction with Commission Junction. That simply means, you will need to have an affiliate account with Commission Junction or you can register for one. Wait for your application to be approved.

Once approved, the Commission Junction will provide you with a link that you can use to promote the program. You get paid everytime someone clicks on the link and posts a job on Witmart.

How Much Do you Earn as Witmart Affiliate

  • You earn $5 commission when a new employer signs up and posts a job, plus extra 7% commission on job reward when the job is completed.
  • You earn $7 commission when a new user purchases a logo at Witmart ready made logo store.
  • You earn $5 commission when a new user signs up for a gold membership.

Witmart Payment Method

All payments are made through check, electronic transfer or PayPal, once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold $100. Employers can pay via credit cards.


Witmart offers a great opportunity for freelancers (providers), employers and anyone else to earn money online. For those who do not want to register as providers, you can simply earn by promoting their program by either referring other new users or through their affiliate program.

However, one downside, especially on the site of the employer is that, Witmart requires you to deposit the full amount of reward to Witmart when you post a job. This means, if something goes wrong, you will have a chance to file for a complaint but Witmart will have already subtracted their fees from your payment.

To avoid getting into such kind of problems, it is much better to contract rather than to contest, since when contracting, you will most likely be getting providers who are well qualified to handle the job.

Is Witmart Legit or Scam?

There are a few complaints that I found on website, from employers who were not satisfied with the results that they got and other concerns about high fees that Witmart charges (20%). Other than that, most other employers and providers seems to be happy with their services.

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  1. Stephan says:

    This is a shady company operated by Chinese.

    If you don’t get the design you want they will charge you money. Even though they promise money back.

    Stay away and use a trusted american service.

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