Profit With Michael Review – Profit Website System

Profit with Michael Review

Profit With Michael is a work from home income based opportunity that Michael claims will teach you the secrets to making “thousands of dollars a month” with no previous work experience. According to Michael, anyone can use the system to make money online and what you only need is a computer, a stable internet connection to get started with the entire system for free.

So, What Exactly is Profit With Michael?
Profit with Michel is basically an internet/affiliate marketing system composed of the website – “Profit Website”, which is the main product of Profit With Michael. According to Micheal, “Profit Website” is a site created to teach people how to save the planet as well as to help them make money online. However, to get started with the system, you must claim your website. Once you have selected your domain name, a company going by the name “” will then create your website.

Profit with Michel claims “Profit Website” usually cost $997 to set it up, however, they are willing to give it to you for free and the only thing you need to do is get a web hosting account at $29.95 per month, through their own web hosting provider. He also guarantees that you will make $100 over the next 48 hours and if you don’t, he will pay you $100 from his pocket.

How Can You Make Money with Profit With Michael?
Profit with Michael is basically a form of affiliate marketing, whereby, you can only make money if someone purchases the system through your link/website. However, when it comes to making money online, it is usually not as easy as its been advertised, there is no guarantee and how much money you make will be determined by many factors.

Bottom Line
Profit with Michael is an affiliate marketing system created to promote the same system, which is the “Profit Website”. While it’s true with the proper marketing you could make some sales, however, the whole thing about Michael guaranteeing you will make $100 in a day is a true misrepresentation of real nature of this opportunity.

The other red flag is the obvious claim that you will be getting the website for free. The websites is not free since you must reclaim it by paying a monthly hosting fee of $29.95, which is ridiculously high since you can get unlimited hosting for only $10 per month.