Profi8 Review – Advertising Packages?

Profit 8 -Review

Profi8 is a program that claims to offer advertising services to their members. Affiliates can join Profit8 to advertise as well as to get a chance to earn money from their advertisements.

Joining Profit8
Joining Profit8 is free and open to members from all over the world. However, if you would like to earn a daily income, you must invest in any of their advertising packages plan. Profit 8 is offering three different types of advertising plans;

  • Silver Plan – Costing in between $10-$500
  • Gold Plan – Costing in between $501-$2500
  • Diamond Plan – Costing in between $25010-$5000

Profi8 Line of Products
Profi8 is not offering any retailable products or services. Affiliates join the program and purchase advertising packages that allow them to earn a certain daily income. They also receive equivalent advertising credits to advertise on the same website.

Profit 8 Compensation Plan
Profit8 compensation plan revolves around affiliate investing in “advertising package”. They are then paid a certain daily return, which is paid as follows;

  • Silver Plan – Earn 8% per day for 15 calender days, ROI of 120% upon expiry
  • Gold Plan – Earn 9.5% per day for 15 calender days, ROI of 142.5% upon expiry
  • Diamond Plan – Earn 11% per day for 15 calender days, ROI of 165% upon expiry

However, you are not allowed to withdrawal all your earnings and 30% of your earnings is used to purchase for you a forced matrix position.

Profit8 Matrix Positions
Profi8 uses a 2×2 forced matrix system. Each matrix position cost $6, you then earn $10 when all the six positions are filled up. The person who recruited you (your sponsor) get paid $1.

Profi8 Referral Commissions
Referral Commission are paid on three different levels. You earn 6% referral commissions on your personally recruited referrals, 3% on level 2 referrals and 1% on third level referrals.

Profi8 Payment Processors and Withdrawals
Profi8 is accepting Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money and Egopay. You must have atleast $10 before you can request for a withdrawals.

Bottom Line
With no retailable products or services, affiliates investing in “advertising packages” expecting a certain ROI upon expiry and with all the cash sourced from existing and new affiliates, Profits8 functions as a ponzi scheme.

Even with the introducing of a 30% repurchase rule, there is truly nothing will save this kind of scheme from collapsing. In addition, the short term timeframe of up to 15 days makes this kind of program even more riskier in comparison to others similar programs offering a longer timeframe like 90 days.