Gatwin Review – Make Money As Affiliate, Playing Games

Gatwin is a new affiliate program that describes itself as “a global member network with its own shopping and online services portal”. Basically, it is a global network where anyone who wants to make money as an affiliate can join. However, unlike other affiliate programs where you only earn by promoting affiliated products, Gatwin give you a chance to earn from several other ways, including playing games, browsing, among others.

Joining Gatwin
Joining Gatwin is free. There is no monthly subscription fee and its open to members from all over the world. All what you need to do is fill up a registration form with your email address and you can now start marketing your affiliate link.

How to Make Money with Gatwin
Making money with Gatwin is through affiliate marketing. Basically, once you sign up, you get your own affiliate link to promote. You then use it to invite your friends or family members to Gatwin. You will earn a certain commission if you or any of your referrals purchase something through Gatwin or play a game. Gatwin has partnered with other online stores, press and games companies. So, these companies are the one who will be paying you, directly.

Gatwin Compensation Plan
Gatwin is using an unilevel compensation plan. A unilevel structure is where you get placed on top of the structure with anyone else who you have referred getting placed under you. Your personally recruited referrals are placed on level 1. Referrals from your 1st level referrals are placed on level 2 and so on, until the 12th level,. You will then get paid in different levels as follows;

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Levels 2 to 8 – 5%
  • levels 9 to 12 -10%

You also earn a 30% commission on sales generated by your own purchases, the remaining 65% is distributed on the network. A 10% commission on earnings generated through your use of the rest of Gatwin’s online services (playing, chatting and browsing), 85% is shared on the network.

Gatwin Payment Processors and Withdrawals
Since you are paid directly by the sellers or partner companies, it may takes in between 30-90 days for your pending payment to go through. Once your payment is validated by the seller, you can withdrawal it through Paypal or transfer it to Gatwin MasterCard. You also need to have atleast a minimum of $10 before you can request for a withdrawal.

Gatwin offers a great opportunity for anyone looking for a genuine way to make money online as an affiliate. The percentage commission also seems to be a little bit high compared to what other similar affiliate companies are offering. In addition, you also get paid for doing other things, such as playing games.

If you are looking for a way to get started on affiliate marketing without having to create your own website, I highly recommend you take a closer look at Gatwin. Signing up is free, you simply invite your friends, they purchase something or play a game and you earn your commission. You Can Learn More About Gatwin by Going to their Website.