MIG Training Network Review – $74.95 Marketing Tools Program

MIG Training Network (My Insiders Guide) is a new program that claims to have developed a learning platform and a comprehensive suite for online marketers who are looking for a way to achieve their dreams in entrepreneurial and personal development success by providing them with marketing tools, training and software they need to start an online business.

Joining MIG Training Network
There are two ways to join MIG Training Network. You can either join as a retail customer and purchase their marketing tools suite and training or as an affiliate.

MIG Training Network ReviewRetail membership cost $74.95 per month. Affiliates can purchase the reseller license in different levels, costing as follows:

  • Level 1, $50 Program Reseller License per month
  • Level 2, $100 Program Reseller License per month
  • Level 3, $200 Program Reseller License per month

Plus, there is a $24.95 per month administration fee, which according to MIG Training Network will be used to cover the costs of setting up and maintaining the resellers website, marketing platform and the overall MIG Training Network infrastructure.

MIG Training Network Line of Products
MIG Training Network line of products is a suite of different marketing tools, software and training, including;

  • MIG Mobile Leads ASAP
  • MIG Ad Generator
  • MIG Traffic Rotator
  • MIG Leader’s Insights (Training)
  • Online Training
  • Live Google Hangout Sessions
  • E-learning Resources

MIG Training Network Compensation Plan
MIG Training Network compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing any of the 3 resellers license and recruiting other affiliates to do the same. They are then paid a certain commission using a passup system.

Below is an example given on MIG Training Network explaining how commissions are shared in level 1.

  • You purchase level one of the program at $50/month, plus affiliate administration monthly fee of $24.95
  • You then personally recruit 4 paid resellers
  • Every person on your front line pays you $50 per month. You also receive commission from the 2, 4, and 10th sale, plus every 5th sale thereafter from affiliates recruited by your downline.

Note: You can only earn up to the level you are signed up for. So, if you are at level 1 ($50 per month), the maximum you can earn by bringing in a new reseller is $50, even if they come in at the $200 or level 3.

MIG Training Network Payment Processors
MIG Training Network is accepting Alipay, Bank Account Transfers, Wire Transfers, Credit Cards payments, Cash Payment, Qiwi Wallet and Online Banking for international members. For USA customers, credit card payments.

Though MIG Training Network claims to offer products for both retail customers as well as for affiliates, there seems to lack a clear distinction between a retail customer and an affiliates. With all retail customers required to pay the monthly affiliate fee of $24.95 or the administration fee, yet they are only interested in purchasing the products but not the business opportunity part of the program.

This to me seems like a way of discouraging retail sales but instead, a way of encouraging and converting all retail customers to affiliates, which should not be the case if MIG Training Network was a genuine MLM program. Once the retail part of the system is removed, you are basically left with an affiliate recruitment scheme cum Ponzi, which is basically what MIG Training Network is doing.