The Team Project Review – $5 Matrix System Program

The Teamwork Project is a new program that claims to be an advertising program with 10 different membership levels. Affiliates can join the program to participate in the company’s forced matrix and single cycler line systems and earn 100% commission, paid directly using a member to member basis.

Joining The Team Project
Joining The Team Project is free and open to all members. However, to be able to earn commission from their 2×10 forced matrix system, you must purchase positions in the different levels. Positions cost in between $10-$50 in matrix system and $10, 25 and $50 in cycler.

The Team Project Line of Products
The Team Project is not offering any retailable products or services. Affiliates join and purchase positions in different levels of their compensation plan. Bundled with these positions are some advertising credits that allow them to advertise on the same website.

The Team Project Compensation Plan
The Team Project compensation plan revolves around affiliate purchasing positions and recruiting others to do the same. They are then paid a commission on each level, members pay directly to each other. There are 10 levels in the matrix costing in between $5 to $50 and 3 cycler lines costing $10, $25 and $50.

The Teamwork Project matrix is using a 2×10 forced matrix system. A 2×10 matrix system is where you get placed on top of the structure with 2 positions directly under you (level 1). The two positions branch off to form other 4 positions (level 2). The 4 positions branch off to form 8 positions (level 3) and so on, until the 10th level deep. These positions are either filled through direct recruitment or through recruitment efforts from your upline, as spillovers.

Here are the 10 levels of the phase 1 of the The Teamwork Project matrix system. There are 3 phases, bringing to a total of 30 levels.

  • Level 1 cost $5, you earn $10 once you cycles out.
  • Level 2 cost $10, you earn $ 40
  • Level 3 cost $15, you earn $120
  • Level 4 cost $20, your earn $320
  • Level 5 cost $25, your earn $800
  • Level 6 cost $30, your earn $1920
  • Level 7 cost $35, your earn $4,480
  • Level 8 cost $40, your earn $10,240
  • Level 9 cost $45, your earn $23,040
  • Level 10 cost $50, your earn $51,200

Once you are through phase 1, you can move to phase 2. Phase two cost in between $60-$150. You earn in between $120 – $153,600.

Once you are through phase 2, you can move to phase 3. Phase three cost in between $200-$650. You earn in between $400 – $665,600.

Once you are through phase 3, you can now move to the 2×10 straight line matrix, costing in between $10-$25 and $50. You will then earn $92,170 on phase 1 of the cycler, 286,640 on Phase 2 and $1,228,600 on phase 3. However, to purchase a cycler position in the $10 line you need to be at level 1 in the matrix. To purchase a position in the $25 line you need to be at level 5 in the matrix. To purchase a position in the $50 line, you need to be at level 10 in the matrix.

Note: Members can only receive payments up to their current membership levels. For example, if you have upgraded to membership level 1 and 2 only and someone from your level 3 decides to upgrade to membership level 3, you will not get paid this commission, instead, the commission is passed to the next person in line who has already upgraded to that membership.

In addition, every member can only have 2 referrals on level 1. Any other additional referrals recruited by you or your referrals are automatically placed by the system on the next open level down in their team matrix and placed under another team member.

The Team Project Payment Processors
The Team Project is accepting Paypal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, Egopay and Perfect Money. You get paid directly from your affiliates to your payment of choice.

The Team Project operates nothing more rather an affiliates funded recruitment scheme or a gifting scheme, with affiliates purchasing positions, expecting to earn from a 2×10 forced matrix system and paying directly to each other. In addition, the cycler line is just another recruitment system meant to help recruit more affiliates as soon as possible.