Quick Pay Group Review – $495 Affiliates Funded Scheme?

Quick Pay Group is a marketing division of Quick Group Ltd that describes itself as a business channel helping individuals to achieve their true potentials by offering them with high value and convenient services that are meant to empower them.

Quick Pay Group is based in Belize and was established by Larry Jones who is alleged to have over 10 years experience in the corporate management field.

Joining Quick Pay Group
Joining Quick Pay Group is by purchasing a unit, considered as membership fee at £295 ($495) per unit. This membership fee allow you to become a loyal members of the group and to enjoy various discounts and other income generating options associated with the membership.

Quick Pay Group Line of Products
Quick Pay Group is not offering any retailable products or services. Affiliates join the program to participate in a penny auction as well as to get a chance to be part of the company’s compensation plan. They also get a chance to access other third party services at discounted rates, including;

  • Getting Membership Discount Cards/Program for Restaurants and Malls
  • Travel Discounts
  • Quick Box
  • Access to Online Casino
  • Quick Talk Service
  • Quick Cafe’s
  • Motivational/Educational Products
  • Web Hosting Services

Quick Pay Group Compensation Plan
Quick Pay Group compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing “units” and then recruiting other affiliates to do the same. One unit cost £295 ($495).

There are six ways to get paid, as follows;
1. Referral Commission (Direct Commission)
Earn a 25% commission per unit on any direct sales (made by yourself) or your referrals.

2. Leadership Bonus (Unilevel)
You earn 5% leadership bonus down to 5 levels deep. The more affiliates you recruit, the more money you earn.

3. Binary Bonus (Binary)
Binary Bonuses are only activated once you have recruited atleast two affiliates (one on your left and the other one on your right leg). You then earn a 5% commission on every two matched legs.

4. Daily Bonus Revenue Share (Direct)
You earn a daily bonus of $3.30 for 100 workings days, which is equal to $330 ROI for every unit you purchase, paid only on week days and not on weekends. You also receive a Swallet matching bonus equivalent to your daily ROI.

5. Residual Retirement Bonus
Residual Retirement Bonus is a company forced 2 x 10 matrix system. A 2×10 matrix system is where you get placed on top of the structure with two positions directly under you (level 1). These two positions branches off to form 4 positions (level 2) and so on, until the 10th level deep. Each position in the matrix represents a unit. You then earn $1.65 per unit sold as a commission.

6. Rotary Relay Points
Rotary Relay Points are activated/triggered by certain actions and are awarded as follows;

  • Referrals Investments/Purchases – 15 points
  • Daily Bonus Revenue Share (Direct) – 1 point
  • Binary Bonus Payout – 5 points
  • Leadership Bonus – 5 points

Quick Pay Group does not explain how the accumulated points are used or compensated for and only states the payout plan is “to be announced”.

Quick Pay Group Payment Processors
Quick Pay Group is only accepting Bank Transfer (available to US members only), Wire transfer (Non-USA), Solid Trust Pay and Paypal.

With no real retailable products or services, affiliates recruiting each other, investing in $495 units and expecting to be paid a daily ROI, Quick Pay Group is operating a Ponzi Scheme with the money being paid to existing affiliates sourced from new affiliates.