Bungee Bones Review – Bitcoin Web Directory Listing

Bungee Bones is a link exchange cum web directory program that claims to enable webmasters monetize their traffic using their free web directory software. Webmasters who join Bungee Bones get access to a free PHP web directory script to add to their websites.

Joining Bungee Bones
Joining Bungee Bones is free. However, if you want your link to be listed higher on the web directory, you must purchase a paid position rather than getting a free position.

You also need to have some basic skills on how to install the script or else, you may have to hire someone to do it for you.

Bungee Bones Line of Products
Bungee Bones line of products is a PHP script that allow you to add a web directory to your hosting account. The script produces links of an entire directory page with different categories. So, what happens is that once you have installed the script on your hosting account, your link is added to all other web directories from other Bungee Bones advertisers/webmasters to generate traffic for you.

Each new directory installed adds to the total amount of traffic. So, your listings will be viewed by other visitors as well as anyone else who have the script installed on their hosting.

Bungee Bones Compensation Plan
Bungee Bones compensation plan revolves around sales of paid links to other webmasters/advertisers. If a new paid link customer signs up through your website, you receive a 50% commissions and on all other paid links your website generates. You also earn a commission if your previously free webmasters change to paid links webmasters.

Here is a breakdown on how commissions are shared among the webmasters/affiliates;
You earn a 50% on every paid webmaster/affiliate that joins through your link. The remaining 50% is split equally between your sponsor (the person who recruited you) and other upline. The same things is repeated again and again until such a time the next immediate upline is BungeBones. At this time, Bungee Bones receives the advertising commission.

The splitting of the commission percentage continues like this on different levels, with commission decreasing on each level as you go down the structure. For example, you get paid 12.5% on 3rd level and 6.25% on 4th level. How much money you get paid depends on the type of links purchased by a webmaster. Bungee Bones is using a bidding system to determine how much money an advertiser pays for a link.

Bungee Bones Payment Processors
Bungee Bones Payment is only accepting Bitcoins. Currently, there are no other payment processors accepted on the site.

Looking at the web directory side of the Bungee Bones, this may seems like a good place to get started if you are looking for a traffic exchange or cheap traffic to your site. However, it is important to understand this kind of traffic is usually of less significant since in most cases, people viewing your links/website are the same affiliates using the same script.

The other concern has to do with Bunge Bones accepting Bitcoins as their only currency. With the increasing uncertainty about the future of Bitcoins and considering the current problems hitting the Bitcoin Exchange almost every other day, I do not think this would have been the right time to introduce Bitcoins as the currency, especially when it comes to MLM.

Finally, with no further information given about the safety of the script itself, I am sure not many people will be willing to risk their privacy with script of unknown history/source, unless more information becomes available.