How to Use Clicksure Affiliates to Earn Money Online

This post is meant for beginners who would like to earn money by promoting Clicksure products, yet they do not know how to go about finding products in Clicksure marketplace.

I will start by defining what is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically where you recommend a certain product or an offer to a consumer or a buyer. The owner of the product then agrees to pay you a certain percentage of the selling price once you have sold that product. This is what we call commission and this is what an affiliate like you and me earns.

Affiliate commissions can range in between 20% -100%, depending on the offer that you are promoting. Clicksure is a marketplace where sellers displays their products so that affiliate can find them and start promoting.

How to Get Started With Clicksure?

First you will need to sign up by going to Clicksure website. On the upper right side after the home tab, there are three links; sellers, advertiser and affiliate. Sellers link if for those who want to sign up and sell their products through Clicksure.  Advertisers link is for those who want to advertise their business on Clicksure website and Affiliate link is for those who want to earn money by promoting Clicksure products.

Since you want to start promoting Clicksure product, click on the affiliates link to start up the signing process. During the signing up process, you will be required to upload some personal document for verification process, you can upload the document if you have them or you can upload them later on once you reach the payment threshold. Remember, you will not get paid unless you have submitted the required documents. Once you have finished up the signing up process, you can now login to your affiliate account.

How to Use Clicksure to Find Products to Promote 

After login to your affiliate account, you will find your Dashboard. On the upper right side there is the Marketplace link. Click on the link. Marketplace is basically a place where you find products to promote. Clicksure has 9 different categories: E-Business and Marketing, Computer Software, Home andGarden, Health and Fitness, Forex and Investing, Arts and Entertainment, Employment and Jobs, Betting Systems and Self Help.

You can just pick a product that you want to promote in any of the given categories. For this example, I will select the product that I want to promote in E-Business and Marketing category, sub- category – Affiliate Marketing. I then click on Affiliate Marketing link to find all products under this sub-category.

The first product is Mobile Money Code, followed by Free Commissions  – usually arranged chronologically based on the latest to be released.

Let us assume that I want to promote the Mobile Money Code, so I will just click on the Mobile Money Code Link.

Once I click on the Mobile Money Code, I can be able to see how much money I will get paid and other specifications concerning the offer. For this specific offer, average per sale that affiliates are earning is $45.96, campaign payout is $60. The are also accepting traffic from all countries.

However, since Mobile Money Code is a CPA offer and not a revenue sharing offer, they have divided their traffic into two; the English speaking countries traffic like USA, Canada, UK and Australia and other countries traffic.

In this case, you will just have to select the link to promote depending on your target traffic. If most of your target audience are coming from other countries rather than the native English speaking countries, select the international traffic link. You will just have to select the link to promote depending on your target traffic.

In other  revenue sharing offers like Free Commissions, the links are a little bit different since you only earn a certain commission based on the number of sales that you made. There are usually more than one links but all of them pointing to a landing page. The first one is the default link and this is what you should always use, unless otherwise. 

To use other links, you may be required to contact the seller first. Just make sure you test your link and it is working properly. What remains now is to copy and paste the link to your blog or whatever source you are using to promote the offer. This is basically how you use Clicksure to find products to promote.