Rocket Cash Cycler Review – Make Money With $315 MLM Scam?

Rocket Cash Cycler is a MLM company that claims to be one of the highest paying 2×3/2×2 hybrid program online. Rocket Cash Cycler claims to provide its members with unique software and internet marketing products as well as a chance to participate in their lucrative compensation plan, where members can earn up to $6,000 per month.

The Rocket Cash Cycler Line of Products
Rocket Cash Cycler line of products include; The Rocket Cash Cycler Compensation Plan and access to Internet Marketing Tools, including the following;

X-sky Software – a software that allows you to automatically sent messages to thousands of your followers, family members and friends on Skype.

Skype Skraper – a software that automatically search for Skype ids on the internet, based on the keyword of your choice.

Skype Ninja Training Course – a video training that shows you step by step guide on what you need to do.

Success Library – You get access to a collection of audio books written by experts in different niche.

How to Make Money With Rocket Cash Cycler (Compensation Plan)   

After paying one time fee of $315, you are required to recruit at least 2 more active members. Once you have done that, you now get an active spot on Earth 2×3 Pay Center. This is basically a 2×3 matrix program where the position on top of  the structure branches off into left and right leg (level 1). The left and right leg branches once again to form a group of 4 people (level 2) and continues like this up to a 3rd level deep (8 people).

However, Rocket Cash Cycler is a little bit different, unlike other 2×3 matrix program where you are placed on top of the structure, here you get started at the 3rd level. You are then placed on the 3rd level where you will have to work together with other members to make sure the total 12 spots are filled. Once the 3rd level is filled up,  the first person in the group that manages to fill up the spot faster moves one step up in level 2.

For example, if you refer one more member faster than any other member in your group, you will immediately move to level 2 and if you refer two more people faster than any other member in the group, you will move to level 1. To move to the top spot (the paying spot) you will either have to refer another one person or wait until the 3rd level is fully filled up.

Once you reach the top spot and all spots are filled up (up to 3rd level), you will earn $2,400. The $300 will be paid in cash, $315 e-pin that is an electronic coupon that allows you to enter to Rock Cash Cycler again. You also get $1,800 entry in the rocket 2×2 cycler.

The Rocket 2×2 cycler is matrix system up to 2 level deep. Once you reach on the top of the structure, you will earn $1,000 for any member that occupy any spot in level 2. So you earn $3,000 if all the first 3 spots are filled and $2,000 if the 4th spot is filled on level 2. A total of $5,000, plus another $1,800 re-entry to another 2×2 recycler.

How Do You Get Paid by Rock Cash Cycler
You will get paid once you have a earned $300 through any of the following payment processors: Payza, STP, Bank Wire, Money Gram or Western Union. Payments are made every day within 24-72 hours.

Lastly, it seems that the new MLM programs like Rocket Cash Cycler and I-Club Biz are coming up  with a new way to get people to pay more money within the shortest time possible. They have turned to one time fee or a yearly fee, where a member is expected to pay one time fee to get access to a compensation plan and some internet marketing tools.

This increases the chances of a company becoming a scam sooner after a few months in operation since within the shortest time possible, they will have collected enough money from un suspecting members, unlike when members are paying a monthly fee.

Rocket Cash Cycler compensation plan may seems very lucrative and some people are  claiming to be receiving money within 24 hours. However, if you look deeper into the whole system, you will realize that, there is nothing more into the system than a MLM program where members have to recruit new members in order for them to earn more money.

Rocket Cash Cycler program will only work for those who are able to recruit new members within the shortest time and before the cash drains out.  Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time and money. Furthermore, I would not recommend anyone to invest in a MLM that requires you to pay $315 as one time fee.

It would be much better to pay a monthly fee since if anything happens to the program before you even cycle, you will only lose your monthly fee. You will also have a chance to test how the program works.

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