I Club Biz Review – Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Program

IClub Biz is a new multi-level marketing program that claims you can make up to $1,000 per week after paying a one time yearly fee of $75. The company is offering a binary matrix system that allows every member to earn from every qualifying sale.

How Does IClub Biz Works?
People join IClub Biz and pay one time yearly fee of $75 to get exclusive access to IClub Biz products and a chance to participate in IClub Biz compensation plan.

IClub Biz Products
The two main products that IClub Biz is offering is Premier Club Travel Membership and Added Value Products.

Premier Club Travel Membership
Premier Club Travel Membership allows members to get up to 50% on their travel expenses. You become a member of Premier IClub Biz after paying the one time fee of $75 per year, plus the $4.95 shipping costs for your welcome travel package.

Added Value Products
No added value products are available on the website. However, IClub Biz claims to be adding more proprietary products in the near future, where members can earn money by purchasing those products and by referring new members to purchase the same.

How to Earn Money with IClub Biz (IClub Biz Compensation Plan)
For any Travel Premier Club Membership and Value Added Product that you purchase in IClub Biz company, you will earn $12.50 binary commissions on that purchase as long as you are an active member.

IClub Biz Membership Requirements
You pay one time fee of $75 per year, plus $4.95 shipping cost (Travel Club Membership fee) to become a qualified IBO. You then refer at least 2 more active members. Your referrals (downline) are then placed on your right or left leg.

You earn $12.50 commission every time a new position either on your left or right leg is filled up or every time a club premier membership or added value products is sold on your paying leg. After referring the two new members, you are not required to refer or purchase anything and you will earn commission on any product that is sold in your paying leg.

You can also join as a free members. However, you will only be able to access the system for one month. If you have not upgraded your account after one month, you are then removed from the system. Membership is open to all, including international members.

IClub Biz Ranking System
IClub Biz has different levels of rankings, depending on how many active members you have recruited into the program. The lowest level is the member level and the highest level is the executive presidential. Each level comes with its own benefits and specific requirements. You are also eligible for matching bonuses that ranges in between 5% to 10%.

IClub Biz Payment Processors and Support System
IClub Biz is only accepting credit cards payments. The support system is through email or using the following contact address that is found on their site: 1850E, 53rd Street, Suite 2, Davenport, IA 52807. Telephone 563-359-1422.

IClub Biz offers an opportunity where you can earn money by referring other members to purchase a travel premium membership and added value products. However, unlike most MLM companies where you need to pay a monthly membership fee, IClub Biz offers a one time fee of $75 per year that should be paid within the first month. This makes IClub Biz membership riskier, since if anything happens to the program early in the start of the program, you are likely to lose more money, compared to when you are paying a monthly fee.

On the other hand, if you split the $75 into 12 months, you will be paying around $6.25 per month, which is far much cheaper compared to what other MLM companies are offering. Remember, there is no certainty of how long this program is going to last. If you are thinking of joining the program, take your time and decide whether you are really willing to take the risk or not. The refund policy for travel club membership is only applicable for the first 30 days.

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  1. Jerry Morrisette says:

    Update since I joined iclubbiz I paid $25 onetime payment for my membership. Plus I use the iwebatool which are only $12.50 monthly auto ship. Anyone wanting to make extra income really need to take a look or two at this opportunity. So far I have booked travel for myself using this opportunity.

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