Submission Works Review – Can You Really Make Money?

For sometimes now, I have been looking for a cheaper type of paid traffic, a kind of traffic that could convert, without having to spend so much money for it. Fortunately, along my search, I was lucky to come across a review about Submission Works. I was not even aware there exist a software like Submission Works, so I decided to do a further search on the internet to find more about this software.

I found a good number of positive reviews from people who claim to have used the software, one among the many reviews that caught my eyes most was the one from the Warrior forum, which is a full three pages that is dedicated to discussing the Submission Works software. You can read the Warrior discussion here.

So far, it seems that most people are happy with the software and only a few of them are not satisfied with the results that they are getting.When something seems to be very good to be true, it always good to give it a trial and find out for yourself. So, immediately after, I decided to sign up for the Submission works software membership.

What is Submission Works?

Submission Works is a software that allows you to submit up to 7 urls at a time. You basically submit the urls of your websites or offers that you want promote. You can promote Clickbank offers or other products, directly. The software then does the works of submitting your links to different traffic sites.

How Do You Make Money with Submission Works?

Since most of the traffic is highly targeted, the converting rate is very high. From what I have heard, your offers are exposed to people who are interested in that kind of offers, hence the CTR is very high. Some people are managing to pay back the membership fee after a few days.

So far, Submission Works seems to be doing its work and since it allows you to link directly to a sales page, you do not even need to have a website to utilize the software. This is very good since anyone can be able to use to make money online.

This is how the screen looks like after you have submitted your affiliate links or whatever links you want to promote.

As you can see, there is nothing much you need to do apart from submitting your links. The system do the rest work for you.

How Much Money Does Submission Works Cost? 

You can access the Submission Works software by paying a monthly fee. You pay $59.95 per month to make use of the software.  You can submit or change the urls anytime, provided the total number of urls remain seven. You can visit Submission Works Here for more information.

Updates on my Experience with Submission Works 

After submitting and changing my affiliate links several times in a month, I managed to make one sale. However, the sale that I made was less than $60, so I decided not to renew my membership again.