Online Profit Stream Review – Link Posting Scam?

Online Profit Stream is a home based opportunity being marketed by Cindy Carter. Cindy Carter claims once she started using the program, within the first three months, she was debt free, able to quit her job and was making twice as much money working four hours a day, compared to what she used to earn on her full time job.

According to Cindy, anyone can start making money online and all what you need is a computer and an internet connection to use her proven and legitimate link posting system.

So, What Exactly is Online Profit Stream?
Online Profit Stream is an affiliate marketing program, plus training and tools to help you in affiliate marketing. Basically, what you are paying for is an affiliate marketing program that has nothing to do with link posting.

Link posting is a marketing term that is commonly used by advertisers and promoters who want to hide the real nature of their businesses or to get unsuspecting members to thinking that they are offering something different while indeed its not true.

So, what you can expect from this kind of program is a replicate website (Online Profit Stream), some internet marketing training (showing you how and where to post your links) and other free marketing tools and resources, which in most cases are meant to show you how to promote that particular program or other affiliate programs.

Joining Online Profit Stream
Joining Online Profit Stream is by paying a one time fee of $97. This gives you access to a replicate website and training, including;

  • A step-by step training video
  • A list of affiliate companies to promote their offers
  • A back office where you can organize and check your daily earnings

How Do You Make Money with Online Profit Stream?
Basically, once you have posted some links on Craigslist or any other marketing websites, if someone joins the program through your link, you earn a commission, which is usually around 50% of the selling price.  The other way to earn money is by promoting other programs. If someone joins any program or purchases an informational product through your link, you get paid a certain percentage as a commission.

Bottom Line
Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online since even without a product of your own, you can simply make money by promoting other people products. However, unlike other affiliate marketing companies that will tell you exactly you will be dealing with affiliate marketing, Online Profit Stream is misrepresenting its nature of business by claiming you can earn money by posting links, which indeed is not true.

The truth of the matter is that, you will not earn anything by posting links but only if your links turn to a sale. So, the whole thing about linking posting is wrong and indeed Online Profit Stream looks like a scam.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, head over to Clickbank and sign up for a free affiliate account. Once you have made your first sale and you are not from USA, sign up with Payooner and you will get paid once you have reached only $10. It’s that simple and no one time payment is required. Everything is free.