Paid Survey Review – Marketing Research Company Directory

Paid Survey found on is a marketing company that claims to connect their members with top marketing research companies, looking for people to give out their opinions. Members who signs up with Paid Survey are rewarded with a $25 bonus after completing multiple offers from third party companies featured on Paid Surveys website.

Joining Paid Survey
Joining paid survey is free. There is no membership fee or registration fee required. Once you have signed up, you are required to complete your profile, giving accurate information about yourself.

This information is then used to match your profile with marketing research companies looking for such demographics. You are also required to sign up with listed partner companies so that you start receiving surveys from them.

How Much Money Do You Get Paid Per Survey?
All payment are made directly by the company requesting the survey. According to Paid Survey, on average, you can expect to earn $10 and sometimes up to $150 per survey or if you are invited to participate in a focus group.

However, before you complete any survey, you will know the payout up front. So, that you can decide whether you want to complete it or not. The average amount of survey you can expect to get in a month is 2 or 4.

How Do You Get Paid?
You get paid by a check or through Paypal, directly from the company that is requesting the survey. Other market research companies may pay you by gift certificates or rewards.

Paid Survey only acts as a portal by providing you with a list of marketing research companies to sign up with but it does not offer you any survey. However, since you get access to a list of companies in one place, it saves you a lot of time that you would have spent searching on the internet. However, it is recommended you do your own background check before signing up with any of them to avoid risking your personal information.

Other than that, Paid Survey is free to sign up and there is no membership or monthly subscription fees. You just have to make sure you do not sign up for trials or offers that require you to pay a certain fee. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money than what you make. Also, make sure the surveys you complete are worth the amount you are getting paid.