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admitad is an international CPA network of over 520000 publishers and over 1200 advertisers. admitad was founded in Germany in 2009 and further was officially launched in 2010 and since that time it expanded its offering to Asia, Eastern and Western Europe as well as North America introducing such unparalleled benefits as weekly payments with different options for publishers to monetize their traffic.

Admitad Review

admitad has worldwide traffic and works with international offers. The strongest geo by volume includes Russia, the US, Western Europe, the UK and India. Working with truly global and widely recognized brands, admitad became an embodiment of the progressive start-up, which is currently an international network with year-over-year revenue growth exceeding 100% for more than six consecutive periods. The justification of this success lies in innovative full service client-oriented approach, which helps both publishers and advertisers to increase profits optimizing their marketing campaigns through Cost-Per-Action programs.

Admitad Review

Professionals in admitad are always looking for new business practices and developing current ones in order to offer publishers and advertisers the cutting-edge affiliate marketing services. For advertisers and publishers admitad has prepared multiple pricing models.

Currently admitad network offers a variety of payment methods so that everyone can find the right fit at admitad. The payment threshold starts from $10. Weekly payments and premium payments on request are available.

Why join admitad? Below we briefly outline the most important of admitad benefits you may take an advantage of by signing up with us:

  1. The most flexible In-house platform

admitad flexibility is crucial for ensuring efficiency in our innovative and technological approach to adapt to ever changing affiliate business dynamics and to constantly overcome the most pressing challenges in the whole marketing industry.

Uniting publishers and advertisers on the one platform admitad gives an entry to the global market to them, secures and increases their revenues and helps to optimize their marketing strategies with the help of various tools for both groups and a clear system of analytics and anti-fraud.

  1. Wise and fare Adblock policy

It goes without saying, that more invasive formats may fall foul of network terms and conditions. We always go out of our way to build relationships with promising, diligent publishers. We approve all publishers before they join the network, so you can partner in confidence.

Secondly, admitad highly recommends to educate consumers on online advertising – the publishing companies have to work collaboratively to agree on a set standards they all adhere to, ensuring intrusive and annoying ads have NO place on their portals.

Thirdly, admitad urges on working with consumers to explain the relationship between the wealth online content that exists and why ads are instrumental in its ongoing delivery.

Focusing on taking responsibility for the content deemed to be acceptable as well as heightened awareness on how to properly use the Adblock extensions is vital for the wider affiliate industry; it helps to deliver the right image of digital marketing to its target audience and to facilitate responsible, honest and transparent system of relationship with all digital marketing players!  

  1. Centralized organizational structure and an effective decision-making process

From the very beginning the company is owned by its Founder and CEO Alexander Bachmann as one of the widely-recognized  publishers in Germany. Alexander contributes to develop tools for admitad, gives consultations to advertisers and publishers on affiliate marketing, as well as on developing new business models for CPA marketing and the launch of related projects. Despite the size of the company admitad keeps its mechanism of effective decision-making due to the lack of bureaucracy: the only decision-maker and owner is Alexander Bachmann, there’s no board of directors, so your initial credibility in the rest of the organization will be largely dependent upon his sponsorship. Centralized organization can be extremely efficient regarding business decisions. admitad CEO as a  business owner typically develops the company’s mission and vision, and set objectives for managers and employees to follow when achieving company goals. This centralized system proves the legitimacy of admitad’s decision-making process where the leader of the company is an opinion leader as well.

  1. Investment platform

 admitad Invest is the investment fund of admitad, focusing on the Internet projects and mobile apps to boost business growth and provide with a high-quality expertise and exclusive marketing sources.  admitad Invest is eligible to support both Early-Stage,Start-up Ventures as well as the existing businesses to push them to the next step, including a total completion and expansion of investment projects with immediate funding. To learn more – contact us

  1. Easy to Use Interface The signing up process is straightforward and the necessary options are arranged in an easy to pick manner on the navigation bar; we can assure it doesn’t seem to intimidate you with tons of gigantic terms and features, arranged in a clumsy way. For further queries and a step-by-step guideline for joining us please e-mail at  OR sign up right now either as an advertiser or a publisher
  2. Covers Many Topics admitad  has tied up for different product and service categories to provide you with the most matching advertisements on your site. The following are some of the categories, under which admitad has got regular campaigns:
  • ecommerce – accessories, apparel, electronics, furniture and household products, sport, car goods, Chinese goods and children’s goods
  • mobile
  • online games
  • services – finance, food delivery, coupon services, travel and many more.

    The full list of admitad categories you can find here.

  1. Weekly Payments with Multiple Modes

Most of the affiliate networks follow a monthly payment schedule, whereas admitad has a weekly pattern. You can opt for a variety of payment methods so that everyone can find the right fit at admitad via PayPal, e-payments, Wire Transfer  in all major currencies. Our payment threshold is as follows:

  • USD 20
  • EUR 20
  • RUB 1000
  • KZT 5000
  • TRY 50
  • INR 1000
  • BYN 50
  • UAH 400
  • PLN 100
  1. To minimize payment delays and hedging and risk-management

Our admitad service offers the additional transparent & faster payment terms.For admitad, our publishers and advertisers are our partners and we aim to foster their growth and accelerate their performance and development. That’s why we offer our faster payment turnaround which allows to pay our publishers on validated transactions regardless of when admitad gets paid. Once approved, the publisher doesn’t have to wait for the advertiser to be invoiced and for that invoice to be paid to admitad.

For questions on the Terms & Conditions for admitad Payments, please contact 

  1. Personalized full – service: we are client-oriented

   admitad provides a full-service, there are no extra costs & spendings   as each admitad client is assigned an individual account manager; that enables you  to deal with all the queries (in your native language) you have and solve every issue you may come across with an expertise in the client’s specific field to optimize the campaign, including publisher expansion and manual vetting. When you sign up to admitad, as well as having access to the many great features of the program you are also provided with your very own personal mentor with inside knowledge about each niche, converting traffic, building high ranking sites and most of all making money! To add more, we have an access to a wide & full list of the top-rated publishers anytime available for you and we are able to provide you with a pre-moderation service of publisher’s platforms as well as publisher’s selection approach based on your individual geo and traffic preferences.You can also raise support tickets on multiple languages. They will reply your ticket within the flash of the second with the necessary solution you want. Our team of managers are available Monday-Friday via live chat, e-mail and telephone throughout the day to help guide you and get you on the right track to living the affiliate marketing dream.Still not sure if a personal mentor will help? Why not to get in touch with one of them a call today? Our team of internet marketing professionals will happily talk you through some common pitfalls when getting started, discuss your strengths and weaknesses and recommend how you can get started with little or no investment needed.

  1. Detailed & transparent reports Affiliate marketing is driven by statistics. That is why we make our reports so clear and comprehensive. We provide a huge range of data in logical, useful form. To collect even more granular statistics, try adding SubID tracking to your links to analyze impressions, clicks and actions with amazing detail. All Admitad reports can be exported to XML and XLS for use with external software, including Excel. You can also feed this data to your system via the Admitad API or our Postback URL tool.
  2. A huge number of useful tools We believe we provide the tools for success. Our publishers and advertiser tools help increase conversions and program performance. Dashboards, charts, graphs, metrics, yeah we’ve got it all. Our reporting and analytics providing industry leading tracking data within an easy to use interface. Main technical advantages  for publishers and advertisers include such innovative tools as fingerprint tracking, cross-device tracking, powerful antifraud technologies, anti-cookie technologies, deep linking options, Lost Orders (especially indispensable for cashback services),advertiser toolbox and many other solutions that will help you to fine-tune advertising and increase profits. And, what is more important, you will no longer have to share your login and password with everyone via our Guest accounts for admitad publishers — which provides with flexible access settings that can be changed at any time. 
  3. admitad hosting its global events…

Twice a year (in March and September) we host our global events of networking in a great environment in order to meet other business owners and entrepreneurs and make new connections to help your business grow: admitad lounge  is a private party for affiliate marketing professionals, where business merges with party in a single whole! admitad expert  is a CPA marketing networking event for advertisers, publishers, top-rated partners and many other affliliates and largest ad platforms are brought together to personally discuss business-related questions. Follow our updates and don’t miss a chance to be our guest at admitad Expert, taking place on September 22nd.

Moreover, there are   trilateral meetings on a regular basis of top publishers, advertisers and admitad managers where you can personally meet partners promoting your product, discuss exclusive terms and joint action plans.


admitad offers various advantages to both advertisers and publishers. From the technical side the network makes your life easier and business more effective with such tools as fraud prevention, cross-device tracking, fingerprint tracking, ad blocks and others. Moreover, it offers you an in-house platform with an opportunity to work with internationally recognized brands with the strongest geo by volume in the US, Russia, Western Europe, the UK and India. Such a huge scale of admitad’s affiliate programs which fit personally to your own business needs, doesn’t affect the fact that admitad always stays close to its clients and is offering the best support at any time.

Finally, the network continues its expanding on a global scale and has exclusive partnerships with the most recognized brands worldwide.  As a result, we may expect that affiliate marketing in general and admitad in particular will continue to shape marketing campaigns for companies of different sectors and offers comfortable options to raise their revenues and efficiency in the age of the Internet and information technologies. Despite the size of the company, admitad keeps its mechanism of effective decision-making due to the lack of bureaucracy: the only decision-maker and owner is Alexander Bachmann. This centralized system proves the legitimacy of admitad’s decision-making process where the leader of the company is an opinion leader. Moreover, admitad’s publishers and advertisers have an access to a huge range of tools, which help with increasing conversions and program performance. admitad uses various cutting-edge technologies in order to help its partners to be successful in their marketing campaigns.

admitad  affiliate network includes companies from an extensive list of segments: clothes and footwear, digital and household appliances, furniture and household products, products for children, food delivery, sport, software, hotels and tourism and many more.

As a full-scaled service, detailed and transparent repots and statistics are always available on time to both advertisers and publishers. Thus, it is easy to plan an informed marketing campaigns with admitad which values the network’s partners very high. Every year admitad expert which is a CPA marketing networking event for advertisers, publishers, top-rated partners and many other affiliates and largest ad platforms takes place to bring them together to personally discuss business-related questions. Twice a year admitad hosts its global events of networking in a great environment in order to meet other business owners and entrepreneurs and make new connections to help businesses grow. This is all about admitad lounge. And, finally, the network is not just developing affiliate marketing industry it also helps new businesses to develop. That’s why admitad Invest helps perspective Internet-businesses with growing by its funds, business advice and marketing sources.

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