5 Dollar Wonder Review – Payment Proof

It been over 3 years since I started using 5 Dollar Wonder system and up to this day in 2017, this program is still giving me a monthly passive income. So far in 2017, I have managed to get at least 4 new subscriptions, giving me a total of around $18 per month. Check out the PaySpree screen shot below.5 Dollar Wonders 2017

If you would like to learn more about the system, continue reading or visit the official 5 dollar website to get started now.

I had reviewed 5 Dollar Wonder in my previous post here but for those who might be hearing about system for the first time, here is a brief explanation of what is 5 Dollar Wonder and how it works.

5 Dollar Wonder is basically a system that allow you to make money by marketing digital products with re-seller rights. You subscribe by paying a monthly subscription fee of $5 or a lifetime fee of $50. This fee is to cover up the hosting fee as well as the cost for the products that you will be selling.

How to Make Money with 5 Dollar Wonders?
You simply make money by marketing the 5 Dollar Wonder System/product. When someone subscribe to system through your referral link by paying either the monthly $5 or the lifetime fee of $50, you get the 100% commission. The money is paid directly to your Paypal account through PaySpree. Payspree is used to prevent your account getting limited/blocked by Paypal.

5 Dollar Wonder Line of Products
5 Dollar Wonder line of products include, informational products with master re-seller right that you can use to give to your friends or to build your email list. A fully functional hosted 5 Dollar website and an advertising platform where you can advertise your banners for free. The website comes with banner slots that you can utilize to make more money.

Does 5 Dollar Wonder Works?
From my own experience, 5 Dollar Wonder works very well. If you are able to get atleast two people into the system, you do not have to worry anymore since your monthly subscription is already covered.  The monthly subscription is also within the reach of many people since it only cost $4.99.

Here is a proof that 5 Dollar Wonder Still Works in 2014


As you can see, the latest payment that I received was on June, 2014. This shows I continue to receive a monthly residue income even without promoting it.

Here is Paypal Payment  Proof

5 dollar Wonders Prove

The other good thing with 5 Dollar Wonder is that even if you have only paid for $5 monthly subscription fee, you also make money whenever someone purchase the $50 lifetime membership.

Considering all the benefits that you get with this system. 5 Dollar Wonder remains one of the best system in terms of payment and products. The products you get by spending only $5 is much worth every cost, without even counting the monetary gains.

If you are looking for a system that is open (you get paid directly to your Paypal account) and at the same time something to help you earn some money online. I highly recommend you to take a closer look at this system.

If you are also looking for an informational product to build your list or to give free to your friends, 5 Dollar Wonder is definitely one of the system you should consider. 


5 Dollar Wonder Website no longer exist. The program was terminated. For other way to make money online check out online program category.

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