OneBiz Review – Blogging Platform, Traffic Generating System

OneBiz is an internet marketing program that is claimed to be a blogging platform and a traffic generating system.  According to their sales video, the system makes it possible for anyone to distribution own content, such as blog posts, articles, videos, press releases, social news, audio files, documents and other digital contents.

Joining OneBiz

Currently, OneBiz does not give much details about the membership options and only encourage new members to register for free and secure their positions on “top of the matrix”.

OneBiz Line of Products

OneBiz line of products include a blogging platform, a traffic generating and a spinning system. According to their sales video, this system will allow you to create unique contents and distribute it to the internet as well as to other social networks.

The OneBiz Compensation Plan

The information about OneBiz compensation plan is still sketchy. However, they have listed atleast 4 different ways to get paid;

Multi-level Commission

Paid following a 3×14 matrix system from the sales of affiliates and their recruitment.

Online and Offline

Paid based on the monthly membership contributions from members in a specific country and those from other parts of the world.

Life Time Passive Income

Life Time Passive income is paid to sponsors, who recruited someone regardless of whether that person remains in a particular country or not. As long as the recruited member remains in the company, the sponsor can continue receiving commission.

Exclusive Bonuses and Leadership Program

A meet the people tour in Dubai Summer Mastermind – A program meant to reward sponsors who manage to recruit the highest numbers of affiliates within a certain period of time.

So far, this is the information available about this program, I will be updating this post as soon as the program is fully launched.

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