How to Make Money Selling Websites, Domain Names

Making money selling domain names or websites is one of the easiest way to earn money online.  Everyday, there are thousands of webmasters and businessmen looking for unique domain names and  they are willing to pay generously, if they can find what they are looking for.

You can buy and sell a domain name and make huge profit out of it by either buying a domain at a cheaper price and trading it for a profit or buying it at its registration price. Whatever way you choose, the most important thing is to make sure there is a ready market for the domain name that you plan to purchase.

Most people looking for a domain name to purchase will be interested in domain names ending with .com, .net and .org. So, it is important to register a domain with these three suffixes.  Domain names are relatively very cheap to buy, costing in between $5 to $25 per year with privacy.

What Other Things to Consider When Purchasing a Domain?

  • Avoid buying trademark or branded domain name to avoid getting yourself into legal battles.
  • Find a unique name or generic names for website domains.
  • As much as possible, try to purchase a short domain name since is easy to remember than a longer name.
  • Before getting yourself involved in buying and Selling domain names, do a thorough research to have a clear picture of how much the ‘hottest’ domain names are selling. You can find a list of domain names and expired domain names in domain auction websites like Godaddy, eBay etc.

Once you have found a domain name of your choice, the next step is to get it registered. You can decide to either park it and sell it later on or you can write new contents and sell it as a website.

If you decide to go with the second option, you need to start working on your new website by filling it with fresh contents, backlinking and anything else that can make your website generate some traffic. After sometimes, you can now list your website for sale in auction sites like; eBay, Godaddy, etc.

The other way to make money online using a domain name is by allowing sponsors to advertise their products through your parked domain (empty domain). You can also submit your domain to auctions sites like Sedo and get paid on CPC or eCPM, based on the total number of clicks or views your parked domain generates.

Finally, the other way to make money is by selling website names. Sites like Squadhelp has a list of clients who are looking for unique website names and if you are creative enough to come up with interesting names, you can make some cash.

Unlike the other two options, one good thing with selling website names is that, you do not have to spend anything to get started or for you to make money. What you only need is to do some research, come up with a unique domain name, sell it and in return, you get paid.

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