AndThanks2U Review – $2.5 Digital Product Program

AndThanks2U is a new matrix program with multi-levels where you can earn money by purchasing and marketing digital products with master reseller rights.  It is basically a member to member program, you sell the products to the people you bring into the program and get paid directly to your payment processor of choice.

Joining AndThanks2U
Joining AndThanks2U is by purchasing a digital products worth $2.50. There are 4 different levels of the system with each one having its own digital products with varying prices.

AndThanks2U Line of Products
AndThanks2U line of products include digital products sold at different prices. There are 4 levels in each stage with each level having its own different products.

AndThanks2U Compensation
AndThanks2U compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing the the digital products and then referring other members to do the same. They are then paid based on the number of products they have sold or the number of members they have enrolled into the program and have purchased the digital products.

How Does AndThanks2U works?
Here is an example of how the system works – you purchase the digital products at $2.50. This is the first product on the level 1 of the system. You then get 4 referrals or whatever number you are able to get to do the same. Assuming you got 4 new referral,  in level 1, you will then earn $10. You then purchase a product costing $5 to move to level 2.

In level 2, you will earn $5 x 16 = $80. You  purchase another product costing $10 to move to level 3. You then earn $640 in level 3. You move to level 4 and then purchase another product worth $20. You then earn $5,120.

Once you are through level 4 of stage 1, you can now move to stage 11, level 1, which cost $500 and pays out $200. There are 4 levels in stage 2.

Below is a screen shot of how the system works in the first stage and second stage (each stage is composed of 4 levels). In the below example, we are assuming you are able to get atleast 4 people to buy the digital products.

And Thanks 2U Review

Payment Processors
Members pay each other directly through their payment processor of choice. There are 5 different kinds of payment processor;

  • Paypal
  • Egopay
  • SolidTrustPay
  • Payza
  • Mail

You simply set your own profile and decide what type of a payment processor you want to use. There is no withdrawal or transaction charges since you will be paying directly to other member.

If you are into marketing digital products, AndThanks2U offer you a good opportunity to market and at the same time to make some money since you will be purchasing digital products with master resell rights. You also get paid directly from your referrals to your payment processor of choice. You Can Learn More About the Program by Visting the Website Here.  

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