Gold Line International Review – Get Paid $5, $10, $15 From People All Over the World

Gold Line International is a financial aid cum charity program where everyone can make money  by becoming a member of Gold Line International Financial Mutual Aid System.

According to their advertising video, the goal of the system is to unite millions of people who wish to help each other in their financial needs and when you become a member of Gold Line International Financial Mutual Aid System, you can start receiving money in $5, $10 $15 coming from people from all over the world.

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Joining Gold Line International
Joining Gold Line International is through an invitation certificate from one of their current members. You cannot join directly from the website, you have to be referred by someone.

How to Get Started?
At registration, you pay $5 for your personal account service fee. You then donate $70 financial aid to the other members listed on the certificate  plus a transaction/conversion charge of around $8. There are a total of 7 members in a single certificate.

The $10 is then transferred to the name of the person whose name occupy the bottom line on the certificate (the one who referred you). The  other  5 members (6, 5, 4 3, 2) each one  of them receives $5. The member at the top list of certificate receives $15.  The remaining $20 is transferred to the international children charitable funds.

Note: When you join the system for the first time, it shows your name on the bottom line of the 7 members. The other names listed on the same certificate are moved one line up in the list every time a new member register.

For example, if a new member register through your certificate, you get paid $10. When a new member that you have invited also invite another new member, you are moved up to one step above and you earn $5. The whole process repeat itself the same way.

So, incase you invite 5 people to the system, you will earn $50 in the first level, if your referrals also invite 5 people each, your name will be moved to level 6, so you earn $125 and so on.

How Do You Get Paid?
Payment are paid directly using member to member basis. You pay the money directly to a member using his or her payment processor of choice. However, you will need to open a Wallet One account so as to be able to receive/convert multiple currencies from members from different countries.  This is just a Wallet to help you with your currency conversion and no money is transferred to Gold Line account.  Basically, it is a member to member transfer system.

Other Requirement for all Members

  • Pay $5 dollar as personal account service fee per year
  • Donate $45 annually for financial aid for other member of the system whose name are listed in the certificate that you used for registration. Each member receives $5.  You get financial aid from all members who used your certificate for registration. The $1o is transferred to international children aid charity fund from all over the world.

I have tried to search for information about this program but I did not find anything really negative and the program has been operating for sometimes now. It seems a little bit interesting, especially on the children charity part. You Can Check out the System Here and Learn How to Get Started.

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    • Tito says:

      It’s a MLM system that combines with children charity organizations. So, you will need to enroll other people in order for you to earn. However, they do pay.

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