Postal Exam473 Review – Post Office Employment Training

Postal Exam473 is a website that claims to help individuals looking forward to be employed by an American post office to prepare and successfully pass the postal exam.

According to Postal Exam473,  thousands of post offices are looking for qualified people to employ and their starting pay is usually $20 per hour. However, to be employed by such companies, you must be well qualified and this is the reason why Postal Exam473 will help you prepare and pass the post office exam.

This exam is meant to measure your abilities in different areas, such as completing forms, coding practices and memory, experience inventory, personal characteristic and to match your demographic data with the right post office near where you live.

How To Get Started
To be able to get access to the training materials, you must pay $39.97, which according to Postal Exam473 is lower than what other companies are charging for the same training.   To get started, you must fill up a questionnaire with your correct personal information and confirm whether you have previously taken another post office entrance battery exam.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, the next step is to pay the $39.97 for the training material, which include a 200 exam page and practice exam.  Postal Exam473 claims to be updating their training materials regularly to make sure their readers get the latest.

They also state 98% of the people who register and seek help from them are able to pass the exam on first try with scores as high as within 90th percentile of all test takers.

Post office jobs are offered free of charge and you do not need to pay anything to schedule or take a federal exam. However, it is important that you be well prepared before you can take one to make sure you pass the exam within the required percentile. There are well known companies that can offer you such training at a very reasonable price, which you can simply get by searching through the internet and comparing which one among them is the most recommended.

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