Zukul Review – Blogging Platform and Marketing Tools

Zukul Review

Zukul is a new internet marketing program that claims to provide its members with online marketing tools as well as a blogging platform. According to their sales video, Zukul offers a broad range of online marketing tools, including custom leads capture pages, banner creator, autoresponder, among others.

People who join Zukul can;

  • Sell Zukul products to customers
  • Re-design and create their own brand
  • Create, develop and market their own products

Joining Zukul

Joining Zukul is free. However, to be able to get access to any of their marketing materials or the blogging platform, you must purchase any of their 3 levels packages. Zukul is offering 3 different kinds of membership packages;

1. Beginner Package – Cost $25 one time fee, plus $1.25 Paypal charges.  What is included in the package is;

  • Social Marketing Tools
  • Capture Pages
  • Autoresponder Lit

2. Intermediate Package – Cost $50 per month, plus $2.50 Paypal charges. What is included in the package is;

  • Facebook Ninja Pro
  • Autoresponder Lite
  • Capture Pages
  • Landing Page Creator
  • Banner Creator
  • Solo Ad Tool
  • JukeBox Training
  • Blogging Platform

3. Advanced Package – Cost $250 per month, plus $12.50 Paypal charges. What is included in the package is;

  • Social Submission Tool Pro
  • Video Submission Tool
  • URL Shortener & Tracker
  • SMS Platform
  • Video Scribe Suite
  • Youtube Buddy
  • JukeBox Training
  • Banner Creator
  • Solo Ad Tool
  • Capture Pages
  • Autoresponder Pro

Zukul Compensation Plan

Zukul compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing either of the three membership packages and then recruiting other affiliates to do the the same or selling Zukul products to customers.

They are then paid a certain commission based on the total number of active affiliates they have recruited, the level of the package they have purchased and the total number of retails sales.

Below is the different ways an affiliate can earn money from Zukul program;

1.Affiliate Commission on Zukul’s 3 Levels Packages

Affiliate commission are paid up to 3 levels deep on the 3 different levels of membership packages, based on how many packages an affiliate manages to sell, they are paid as follows:

(a) Beginner Level Package  -You earn $10 on level 1 of every Zukul  beginner package you sell on level 1, $5 on level 2 and $4 on level 3.

(b) Intermediate Level Package – You earn $11 on level 1 for the every Zukul intermediate package you sell, earn $6 on level 2 and $5 on level 3.

(c) Advanced Level Packages – You earn $50 on level 1 for every advanced package you sell on level 1, earn $30 on level 2 and $10 on level 3.

2. Intermediate Multi-layered Passive Income

Commission is determined by the total number of affiliates that are under your funnel.  You also receive a 50% matching bonus from all of your direct affiliate.

Below is a screen shot showing how much money you can earn, if you have atleast 3 members in your funnel.


3. Advanced Multi-layered Passive Income

Below is a screen shot showing how much money you can expect to earn, if you have recruited atleast 3 members in advanced level.


4. 3 Levels Deep Affiliate Payment for Zukuls Products and Services

These are commissions paid to affiliates for the total number of sales they make by either selling Zukul’s products or services. Below is a screen shot showing how much money you can expect to earn by selling products or services worth a certain value.


5. 3 Level Deep Affiliate Plan Owners Product and Services

Affiliates can earn commission by selling their own products through Zukul’s Members Affiliate Army Program or by promoting their own products and services to Zukul’s members.

Below is a screen shot showing how much commission an affiliate can earn by selling his or her own products through Zukul.


 Zukul Payment Processors and Refund

Zukul is accepting Paypal, Mastercard and Visa card payments. Zukul offers a seven (7) day satisfaction guarantee on all initial fees paid to the Company. However, all other subsequent fees are nonrefundable as the benefits of the service are realized immediately upon payment. Payment are made through I-PAYOUT account.


With Zukul’s compensation plan revolving more on recruitments, Zukul seems to be more focused on affiliates rather than the retail customers. This means, if you intend to earn good money from this site, you will have to recruit other active affiliates.

One good thing though, as an affiliate, you do not have to even purchase the packages yourself since Zukul offers an opportunity for free affiliates to earn from their own customers sales.

However, to enjoy the full benefit of the program, such as blogging platform, multi-layered passive funnel and other advanced marketing tools, it is much better you pay for either intermediate or advanced level.

Finally, one major concern has to do with their blogging platform. If you are thinking of blogging, it would be much better to start your own blog rather than relying on a controlled blogging platform like Zukul since it is much safer and you will be in full control of it.

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