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Post Loop Review

Postloop is unlike other paid forums since the most important thing you will require is good command of English and you can start earning money almost immediately by responding to other comments.

Postloop forum is open to all and it is very easy to join. There are no specific pre-requirements needed before registration other than, you will have to pass an initial application process and you must be able to accept payment via Paypal.

Once you have registered, you are required to respond/comment on ten posts that are already posted by other members and within 24 hours, your answers will be reviewed for correct grammar and quality.

Your answers are then rated and if your ratings is within their range of approval, your account is approved. If not, you account is disapproved and you are not allowed to participate in the forum (your account is closed).

How to Earn Money with Postloop Forum
There are two ways to earn money from Postloop forum; you can earn points by submitting your forum or blog and by posting at the participating website or simply by writing contents for other blog/forum. The other way to earn is as a content writer, where you earn by posting in other forums or blog commenting.

Basically, Postloop is a marketplace for forum Owners, blog owners and content writers. Forum owners use Postloop to attract more posts to their forums, blog owners use Postloop to attract more comments to their blogs while content writers use Postloop to earn money for posting in forums and commenting on blogs.

The total amount of money you earn depends on the quality of your posts/comments and the ratings that you are given by other members. A quality response can earn up to $0.08 which is much better compared to other forums that pays $0.01 per post. You can cash out once your balance reaches $5, which is around 100 comments/responses. All payments are done through Paypal.

This is pretty much how you earn money with Postloop. The amount of money you earn is very little and unless you cannot find anything else meaningful to do, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to waste his or her time commenting on other blogs to just earn pennies.

There are thousands of better paying opportunities on the internet, which you can basically find with a simple search on the web. Just make sure whatever you select is genuine and they do not require you to pay anything to get started.

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