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When I first registered with Epinion, I wasn’t sure of what to expect and since the site looks pretty much like a shopping site rather than a review site, I was a little bit confused. However, I just decided to go on and register. First, the website is very easy to navigate through and as soon as you log in, you can see a list of different categories of products and services that you can choose to review.

So, when I wrote my first review, I thought this website was just like any other review websites, where you write a review and submit it for approval before publishing it but surprisingly, Epinion is a bit different from other online review websites that I have come across.

When you write a review, whether you are a new member or not, it is immediately published and it is rated by other members. The members who rate the review includes; the advisors and lead members who have acquired these titles after publishing specific high quality reviews.

There are many ratings ranging from not helpful to very helpful, all depending on how well your review is written. As a member of Epinion, you are also supposed to rate other members who have submitted their reviews on the website.

How much money you make depends on many factors such as:

  • If you are the first person to a write a review on specific product or service.
  • The quality of  the review that you have submitted.
  • How you are rated by the other Epinion members.
  • Partner earning sharing system – based on the amount of money your review will generates each month through views.

The balance is updated every 15th of the following month and the minimum amount of money you allowed to cash out is $5, which is automatically paid to  your Paypal account once you reach the threshold

From my own experience, Epinion website is good for those people who are very good in writing longer and quality reviews. If you can manage to keep up by writing a few quality reviews in a week, you will definitely earn and it won’t be hard to reach $100 by the end of the month. You also continue receiving a passive income every month from the review.


Epinion are no longer accepting new or old members to login to their account. The eBay partner program which was their main source of income recently pulled out from the program. So, they cannot afford to pay their members anymore.

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