Erli Bird Review – Get Paid Beta Testing Products

ErliBird Best Testing and Get Paid

Erli Bird is a beta testing website where you get paid for testing other people products or services before they are released to the market.

Basically, digital beta testing works in similar way like product trials. When you join Erli Bird, you will be able to earn money by testing both digital products, such as video, games, app, software as well as physical products.

As stated on their website, the whole community of Erli Bird is made of consumers, entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, investors and other individuals who register on the website to get their products tested. Currently, they have over 40,000 registered beta testers from 143 countries, globally.

How to Get Started on Erli Bird

First, you will have to register as an early adopter and update you personal profile. Once you are through the registration process, you need to get an invitation to join a focus group. You can now start receiving invites to try new apps, sites, and gadgets that match your interests.

How Erli Bird Works

Here is a summary of  how Erli Bird works;

  • Developers start a campaign, targeted to a certain kind of people.
  • Erli Bird help them select the right early adopters or beta testers.
  • The selected members get exclusive early access to the product to test.
  • They then give honest feedback or reviews of products they have tested.
  • Their account get credited with agreed amount of money .
  • They also get notified when other products are launched.

How Much Money Can You Make with Erli Bird

There is a potential of earning some good money from Erli Bird, if you are able to give quality feedback.  However, what I have observed from this kind of websites is that, most developers will prefer beta testers from specific countries and not others.

So, not everyone will have the same earning potentials. You get paid $10 for any product you have beta tested and written a feedback or review about it.

One downside though, you will have to join a certain Focus group to be able to test a certain product, which can be a little bit frustrating if other members are not willing to invite you. ErliBird uses the focus group system to get feedback from beta testers.

Sometimes they do have open groups beta-testers for those who do not want to wait for an invitation. Just make sure you check the website regularly since betas open and close all the time.

In addition, make sure you also write helpful and detailed feedback to increase your chances of being invited to new betas. If you do well on your first review, you can expect more invitations.

If you cannot find a Focus Group to join, you do not earn money. However, you can become a beta-tester for non paid app in exchange of some cool apps and other products.

How Do You Get Paid?

Each focus group has a set time when the best testing period will expire. Once the beta testing period has expired, agreed payments are credited to members’ accounts of that particular focus group.

They can then withdrawal it through their Paypal account after a few days. However, there is 4% transaction charges, if you withdrawal less than $15.


Erli Bird is a great website for those who would like to earn some money beta testing digital products and physical products. However, unlike other beta testing websites that are open to almost everyone and the developers select the target beta-testers.

With Erli Bird, you will have to wait to be invited to join a beta testing focus group, which can be discouraging for those who do not get invited. So, incase you happen to get an invitation, make sure you write a high quality review or feedback to increase your chances of getting more invitations.

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