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Taking online surveys can be a good way to supplement your current income. However, over the last years, there have been a tremendous increase in the number of companies posing as legitimate survey companies to end up scamming un suspecting survey takers.

Most of these scam survey companies will require members to pay a certain fee to get access to their list of database, which in deed should not be the case, since most legitimate survey companies are free.

For those for you who would like to earn money by taking surveys, here is a list of survey companies that you can sign up with. Please note that all the four survey companies listed on this page do not offer surveys on their own but only connect prospective survey takers with companies looking for people to complete different surveys.

Panel Payday 

PanePanel Payday Reviewl Paydays is survey marketing company that is open to residents of US, UK, Australia and Canada. Members join Panel Payday for free to get access to a list of survey companies found on their website.  How much money you earn depends on the total number of surveys that you complete.

However, Panel Payday claims their payment per offer can range in between the following;

  • $1 to $25 for a single online surveys offer
  • $30 to $100 for participating in a focus group
  • $30 to $50 for participating in a discussion groups
  • $10 to $50 per hour as a mystery shopper
  • $10 to $150 plus with real online jobs handpicked by their team

You also get a bonus of $25 upon signing up and completing up multiple offers from the third party, which are featured on Panel Payday website. Note that the $25 bonus is not directly paid by Panel Payday but by third party companies.

Based on your qualifications and your demographic data, Panel Payday promises you can expect to receive an invitation within one or two weeks or even days after registration.

To also increases your chances of receiving more surveys, Panel Payday encourages their members to register with all their top 25 survey sites found on their website directory. All payment are made directly from the company that is requesting the survey. You get paid through Paypal or check.

Surveys Junction

Surveys Junction registration is open to residents of US, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Joining the company is free. Surveys Junction states that anyone can join the survey panel since there is no skills needed. The only qualificatiSurveys Junction Reviewon needed is to be residing in any of the four participating countries and to be 18 years and above.

You can expect to start receiving survey invitations as soon as your profile matches a study conducted by a market research company listed at Surveys Junction. How much money you make depends on the  length of the survey that you completes. You can get a short survey paying in between $1.00 to $3.00, a longer survey paying $10 and even an in depth survey paying $50.00.

You also earn a sign up bonus of $25 after completing different featured offers on Surveys Junction website. If you want to receive as many survey offers as possible, you should also sign up with different survey companies found on Surveys Junction directory list. All payment are made through check, Paypal or wire transfer.

Paid Surveys 

Paid Surveys is also open to residents of US, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.  When you join Paid Surveys, you have the chance to either earn cash, gift cards, free stuffs or prizes after paPaid Surveys Reviewrticipating in a survey.

Joining the company is free, provided you are 18 years and above and residing in any of the four countries. Once you are through the sign up process, you can immediately get instant access to over 100 survey companies found on Paid Surveys website.

Payment per survey varies and can ranges in between $1 to $50 per survey. You can also opt to receive free samples, merchandise and a sweepstake as a reward.

Panel Bucks

Panel Bucks accepts members from United States, United Panel-Bucks-reviewKingdom and Canada. Joining the company is free. In addition, you get the chance to earn $25 as a sign up bonus after completing featured offers found on Panel Bucks website.

You can expect to start receiving survey invitations one to two weeks after signing up. The average amount of survey invitations that you can receive in a month is 2- 4 surveys.

However, if you want to receive more surveys, Panel Bucks encourages their members to  sign up with more survey companies found on Panel Bucks survey company directory.

Depending on the kind of offers you complete, Panel Bucks payments ranges per offer is as follows;

  • $3 to $75 for taking online surveys
  • $30 to $100 for participating in a focus group
  • $150+ per hour for working at home opportunities
  • $10 to $50 per hour as a mystery shopper
  • $2 to $50 for product trials

You get paid through Paypal or Check which is sent a few weeks after you have completed a survey.


 These above are some of the few survey companies that you can sign up with and start making money by completing surveys. However, as I have indicated these companies are not offering you with any survey but only connect you with other survey companies. This means they will be giving out your personal information to other partner companies.

It would be wise to create a different email account, purposely for survey companies, instead of using your regular personal email. You should also make sure you read term of use of any survey company you register with, especially if you plan to receive product trial offers, so that you do not end spending your money.

For survey companies accepting international members please check out my other post here.

7 thoughts on “Free Survey Websites to Earn Money Online

  1. Miss Butterfly says:

    What I find with these survey companies is that age is a factor. They are looking for specific demographics, and the 55+ age bracket is not included in that demographic. When you answer the qualifying questions, and get to the age, it tells you that you don’t qualify for this particular survey.

    • Tito says:

      I guess most surveys companies target the younger generation, which is very unfortunate since even older people are also consumers and unlike in the past, anyone can get access to internet.

    • Madelene Handy says:

      I was on Panel Bucks on my phone and was asked to go to screen 7 inches or larger.
      I am now on my computer just read a ststement that you are looking for younger people 55 and under. I would request tht you put this in your advertisment. We waste a lot of hours trying to do these surveys to be told we cannot complete the materials, I am very disappointed as I was looking to earn money to supplement my fixed income. yhanks for nothing. If you check my email address you will find my message box filled with your Panel Buck messages to do surveys. Madelene Handy
      you will also fi
      nd me registered.

      • Tito says:

        Sorry for the bad experience. I wish survey websites would have surveys for all ages. It is very dissapointing to get start to just end up getting rejected in between the way.

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