How to Get Paid to Review Amazon Products

How to Get Paid to Review Amazon Products

Amazon has become one of the world’s greatest physical marketplace, selling everything from books, music to household products.

For buyers, it has even become easier to shop on Amazon since the time the Amazon Prime was introduced. Buyers can now shop as many times a possible without having to worry about exeggerated shipping charges and delayment in shipment.

With all these benefits and the good reputation about Amazon comes the tough competition. There are thousands of people on Amazon who have registered as sellers.  You can find different brands of products that are essentially the same.

This means a good review or a bad review will have a significant influence on how a buyer perceive a certain product and in most cases, it remains one of the major determining factors on how much money the seller will end up making on a certain product.

This has led to several manufacturers to pay for good Amazon reviews, which act just like advertising with the exception that the “advertiser” is simply an Amazon customer who has been paid to say they like the product.

However, this method is usually against Amazon terms of use and if you are caught giving incentives/money for an exchange of a positive review, the review is removed and in some cases, your account may get suspended.  Amazon only allow for paid reviews, if you are writing a editorial kind of review.

There are several other programs that you may need to consider joining, if you want to get rewarded or to be given free trial products. Here are a few to pay attention to:

1.  Amazon Vine Reviewing. Amazon itself has a review program in which reviewers just like me and you can get an item through Amazon for free and in exchange, you must give a honest opinion about a product. This is an invitation-only program offered by Amazon and is based on the helpfulness of reviews you have written previously on Amazon and your total ratings.

Amazon Vine program does not pay cash but you get to keep the item that you are reviewing for free. You are then expected to write a honest review based on your experience when using the product. The review can be positive or negative.

2. Manufacturer-Based Reviews. You can contact a manufacturer of the item being sold on Amazon and offer your services as a an editorial paid reviewer. Some book authors will do this so that their books can get high ratings and more exposure.

However, big manufacturering companies won’t probably accept your offer but smaller manufacturers with a wide varieties of products will most likely do. Others may decide to give you a huge discount on the product in exchange of a review.

3. Online Review Sites. Sites such as or www. These are internet-based sites that sign up vendors and guarantee them a four and five star reviews on all their products. They then pay “customers” to write the reviews for a small stipend.  If you are able to write some good reviews, you can expect to earn some money from these kinds of websites.

If you are being compensated for writing a review, Amazon require you to have a disclaimer stating that you were given the product in exchange of a review. This is designed to allow only those reviews that are based on actual use of the product.

On the other hand, internet reviewing companies get around this by offering large discounts on products that the reviewer buys and some even go to the extent of paying their “customers” to get good reviews.


Giving out free products in exchange of a review is not really an Amazon only thing but it is also happening with many other kind of businesses that advertise and sell wares or services on the web.

The idea is to create an environment in which people share information about various products and services or to get the word out about certain product to the masses.

If you are reading this article and you would lke to get free products for trials  from Amazon or to be compensated for writing a product review by other online programs, you can sign up with any of the sites mentioned above.

I suggest you also try to become more active on Amazon by frequently buying and reviewing products you have bought on Amazon. Once you have increased your ratings, it will be very easy for Amazon to notice you and you can get an invitation to join the Amazon Vines Program.

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