How to Make Money Driving for Uber

How to Make Money Driving For Uber

Driving for Uber is a lucrative job as most of these drivers are making a living out of this business. Money has always been a motivation for all kinds of people. One does not have to trade in diamonds, gold, or silver to live a good life. Uber drivers make a lot of money.

For instance, driving in a busy city like Los Angeles or New York City or any other city as long as there are customers, the driver can make almost $20 to $30 an hour. Sometimes these drivers make even more. Well, with all that said and done, it is important to address the matter at hand, how to make money driving for Uber.

Ever since Uber came into existence, most people have always gotten interested in making money behind the wheels. The problem is some of them never know how to make good money while driving for Uber. This article describes some of the ways drivers and those thinking of applying as an Uber driver can make money.

What Options are There?

First, one can apply as a delivery truck driver, courier or messenger, heavy truck driver, bus driver, taxi, chauffer, or limo driver, or be a Uber driver and use the Uber Partner app to find riders in the selected area.

How Does Uber Works

Second, it is good to know how the company works before venturing in it to make money. That should be your initial requirement as it is not fair to indulge in anything blindly. Without further ado, Uber is an online-based company connecting drivers and riders for mutually beneficial ridesharing options.

The company is not like most taxi services, it is one of its kind. They allow drivers to use their own cars. Nevertheless, they set their own schedule, are paid weekly, among other things.

In addition, it is not only the drivers that enjoy the comfort of their own car and working schedule, the customers or passengers too enjoy the comfort of using the Uber app to find a driver as opposed to most taxis that let them stand by the road side waiting. The Uber app allows them to request a driver who is notified if they are in the area and that is how they earn their cash.

How to Make Money Driving for Uber

Now to the most important question of the moment. First, they have to apply with Uber. Fortunately, Uber requirements are not complex or complicated. The driver needs to have smartphone and a four-door car. There is no indication on the model of the car, however there has been news that they need a 2006 model car or newer.

The truth is they have not specified exactly the model year of the car, however, your car will be accepted if it is a luxury car. If the drivers can get cars such as Mercedes, or any other, they are safe to apply. In addition, of recent the cars are being inspected for the driver’s safety and that of the customers, and most importantly to keep the customer satisfaction at 100% and keep the business running. Nevertheless, a thorough background check on the drivers is required to get rid of criminals.

Uber requires that drivers have personal auto insurance. What Kind of Insurance Do Uber Drivers Need? They provide primary liability insurance up to $1 Million and collision coverage of $1,000 that is deductible once a driver accepts a ride or is on a trip. To be precise, Uber takes care of the cost of any additional insurance. However, they pay for the expense through cuts on each ride an Uber driver takes.

Uber also checks for the driver performance through a scoring system where users rate their experience and leaving feedbacks. If the driver is good and active, he or she will receive mostly good marks. This is a way to waiver the bad and good drivers, and according to Uber, a driver has to score an average of 4.6 since they rate drivers’ performance from 1-5. Finally yet importantly, the drivers have to be 21 years and over with a clean or no major accident records in the past.

Uber drivers tend to make more money. For instance, UberX drivers in New York City can earn an average of $20 to $30 in a hour, that amounts to about $90,000 a year. If one inputs other factors such as fuel costs, then the money can drop to something not too far from that amount. Either way, these drivers still make good money as opposed to the other taxi drivers.

Drivers are required to register with a credit card to be paid. This is so since Uber uses that card to pay for all of their rides. However, normally the money does not go directly to the drivers pocket as Uber app keeps track of the drivers’ earnings and a weekly basis payment is done. Most people have been discouraged since Uber drivers never get paid in cash on a daily basis, however, at the end of the week, they receive good cash.

Nevertheless, working at night can lead to more income. Generally, at night, people are intoxicated or in a rush to get somewhere, nonetheless, most people never like driving at night hence a perfect chance to make more money.

In addition, as opposed to most taxis, Uber drivers never carry wads of cash in their car, this is because, users need to register with Uber therefore there are cashless transaction.


Signing up with Uber is free, easy and very fast. There is no risk in trying it out as long as the driver meets all the requirements. There are many benefits apart from making money. Sign up, pass the background checks, log into your iPhone, receive a rider, and make money. Working more hours leads to more income, nevertheless at night has the most income.

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