How to Make Money with Infolinks In Text Ads

How to Increase Infolinks Earnings

Infolinks is an in text advertising network that serves pay per click ads on a publisher blog/website. It is considered as one of the highest paying advertising networks, especially for bloggers who do not have extra space to displays ads.

Infolinks ads are displayed as double under links that target specific words in page. So, whenever a reader hovers his mouse over specific words, a relevant word is displayed and if he moves the mouse away, the ad disappears. If the reader clicks on that particular link, he is taken to the advertiser’s page and you get paid in return.

Infolinks text ads are compatible with other ads and if you are also using Google Adsense in your blog, you do not have to worry about anything since Google allows in text ads to run along with adsense ads. Having both of them running together is definitely a good way to boost your income.

How Much Does Infolinks Pay Per Click?

Infolinks pay much higher in comparison to other advertising networks but not as high as Google Adsense.  Most in-text ad providers pay in between 40% to 50% of their total income while Infolinks pays up to 70%. On average, you get paid $0.02 – $0.5 per click.

How to Get Started with Infolinks Ads?

It is very easy to get started with Infolinks. Basically, you sign up a new account as a publisher and fill in all necessary details, including the URL of your blog/website.

Insert the generated code into your HTML template or your Word Press Blog and wait for a few days for them to check your blog and approve your account.

After you blog is approved, the text-ads will start running immediately. You can login to your Infolinks dashboard to set how you want the text-ads to appear and how many in one page.


  • One of the highest paying in text-ad network in comparison to others.
  • No specific requirements needed besides having enough content in a blog.
  • Integrates well within the blog contents. You simply insert a simple script in your blog and that is all. You do not need to do anything else.
  • No extra space in needed for displaying Infolinks ads.


  • The many pop-up windows may be a bother to some of your audience/readers.
  • May increase the blog’s bounce rate. As many readers just come and go, leaving your blog through the text ads links.
  • It slows down the page speed.
  • Not so good for blog without high traffic to minimize the effects of high bounce rate.


Infolinks text-ad is another great advertising network for those looking for ways to earn money online through advertising. However, for any blogger who decides to use them, it is important you weigh the benefits against losses. If you find you can be able to run the ads and still maintain a good number of your readers, then I would suggest you to go for it.

In most cases, unlike blogs with low traffic turnout, blogs with high traffic do very well with this kind of ads since even if you lose a 10% of your audience, you still have a lot more readers coming to your blog. If you are still not decided, you can always give it a trial and then decide whether you want to continue with it or not, depending on the results.

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