KGB Review – Get Paid for Giving Answers to General Questions

KGB Review

KGB is a content, information service provider company that give answers to various questions asked by their members. Basically, KGB system allow members to ask questions and get answers within a few minutes.

As a member of KGB, you can ask a question through your mobile phone, text or internet. You get charged a fixed fee ($0.99) once your question is answered.

What is 542542/kgbkgb?
542542/kgbkgb is a text answer service that is currently available for US and Canada residents. Anyone who uses the said number to request for an answer usually receives real time-responses from the special agents, any time of the day at a fee. As for the time of writing this review, they were charging $1.49 per any question answered.

What are the Requirements to Be Hired as a Special Agent?
KGB hires special agents to take incoming questions and answer them correctly. However, for you to be accepted as a special agent, you must meet the following requirements;

  • You must be 18 years and above.
  • You must have a bank account where your payments will be deposited.
  • Must have a valid mailing address.
  • Able to work independently.
  • You have not worked for KGB or its subsidiaries.
  • You must have access to high speed internet connection and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Qualifications Skills

  • You must be a skilled internet researchers.
  • Able to identify keywords.
  • You are excellent in grammar and spelling.
  • Fast and accurate when typing.
  • Enthusiastic, passionate, creative, clever, curious and dedicated.

In additional to the above mentioned requirements, you are required to take a Special Agents Challenge test, which is composed of different questions from the 3 different categories that you picked during registration.

This test is also used to determine your eligibility to become a secret agent. You get contacted through your email address.

On the other hand, quality agents sign up for Special Agents shifts and decide what they want to do during those shifts. They can either answer text questions or conduct reviews for other agent’s work.

How Much Money Do You Get Paid Per Question?

As for the current pricing, special agents compensation price is based on the kind of response. You get paid $0.10 for each full response and $0.05 for each validation.

A full response is where you do everything by yourself, such as searching for the answer and providing it to a client. A validation response is where you automatically answer a question by use of available data in their system.

The pricing for quality agents ranges in between $0.08 for each standard review and $0.03 for each simulator review.


Even though KGB payment rate per question may seems a little bit too low by most people. However, I still do believe KGB is a great website for those looking forward to making some extra dollars online and especially so, if you have enough skills in using internet for searching.

You do not have to be an expert to answer questions since you can always refer to the internet for answers. As we all know, internet is full of free information and you can pretty much find any answer with only a few searches.

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