Local Sniper Review – Adeel Jason, Susan King Scam?

Local Sniper is new software created by Adeel C, Jason and Susan King that was released on 12/12/12. As the name local suggests, the system focuses on targeting local markets by searching and creating a list of local leads and email list that you can use to market your business or product, locally.

Local Sniper Review

Guide on How to Sing Up with Local Sniper

Here is a step by step guide on how to sign up and use the system to make money online;

  • You purchase the Local Sniper software at $59.45 inclusive of download charges (optional). Payment method accepted; Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express Credit Cards.
  • Go through the many videos found on the sites (you can skip most of them if you are not interested in buying the products).
  • Continue until you reach the membership area. To login to the membership area, you will have to use the purchase number and the email address that you used to make the purchase.


How to Make Money with Local Sniper
Once you are on the Local Sniper Members Area, click on the Local Sniper tab since this is what you have purchased.

Here you will find all videos and e-book that will help you in getting started. The local sniper system consists of:

  • Local Sniper Software
  • Local Sniper Manual
  • Local Sniper e-mail Templates
  • Local Sniper List of Proxies
  • Local Sniper Telesales Script Templates and
  • Local Sniper e-Book which is composed of 5 chapters.

How to Make Money with Local Sniper

For beginners, Local Sniper may seems abit completed and may require you to take a few weeks or even months to learn how the system works. The good thing is that, Local Sniper software comes with most of the resources that you need to get started. With the cost of $59, the package is truly worth the cost.

Basically, here is how Local Sniper system works.

  • You select a local keyword that you want to target.
  • The system automatically searches and locate local businesses in niche of you selected keyword around the world.
  • It finds and builds a complete list of highly targeted leads.
  • You then use your built in email templates to send your products to the generated leads.
  • You are now ready to sell your business or products to the leads generated by the system and make money online.


Local Sniper offers most of the resources needed to get you started in money making and a unique way of generating leads by targeting the local markets. This means the leads that you generate are most likely highly converting since those are people searching for products in that particular area.

The software is not straight forward and as I have said, you will have to dedicate your time to understand how it works. However, I still believe with proper understanding of the system plus a little more effort on your side, you could truly make some money with this system. You can visitLocal Sniper website and learn more about the software.

Important: The download expires after one week. You need to download the software and all other information found on the members area before a week expires from the time you purchase the software.

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