How to Make Money Online by Blogging and as a Freelancer Writer

Freelancer Jobs

Blogging has become a favorite thing for most people and especially so, for individuals looking for alternative ways to meet their daily needs. Making money by blogging is not an easy thing as most people suggest. It requires patience, dedication, knowledge, skills, passion and willingness to hold on even when there is nothing coming out of it.

In some cases, bloggers give up too early just within a few months after starting. They forget that success will only be felt a few months or years of blogging. If you are planning to be successful in blogging, you must keep on writing whether you are making money or not. Initially, it will be tough but sooner you will start enjoying your work.

How do you then blog or make money as freelancer writer? There are many opportunities available for bloggers and freelancer writers, depending on your niche and what you feel comfortable doing. In this post, I will look at 10 different opportunities that any body can experiment with.

Google Adsense and Other Revenue Sharing Networks 

This is one of the best and commonly used method by most bloggers. You monetize your blog by displaying ads from network like Google Adsense and in return you get paid for valid clicks that your blog generates.  Having knowledge about SEO and proper marketing is necessary since it will help you in increasing traffic to your site. Otherwise, without enough traffic, your ads might never get someone to click on them.

Making Unique Designs and Logos 

Most companies look out for experts who can make attractive logos or design their website in a unique way.  If you are good in designing, you can provide your services at a reasonable price but don’t forget to promote your services on your blog or website. By having your own blog, you can display your designs there and there is also the  possibility you will be able to reach a large audience.

Online Freelancing and Writing Articles

 In freelancing, you need to have that special skills that you can provide to others. Apart from writing articles for your blog. There are many websites that are offering freelancing jobs and guest blogging. You just have to make sure you are providing something unique.  If you are good in article writing,  no need of laying back, many website owner or blogger are looking for people to write articles for their site.

Online Surveys 

Taking surveys is another easiest and great way to earn.  Surveys taking does not require much effort  and time. You just register and wait for surveys to be sent to your email. If you are lucky enough, you may receive two or three surveys in a month, all depending on how many survey websites you have registered with. The more websites you have registered with, the more invitations you are likely to get.

Paid Forums 

This is another cool way to earn money online. There are various forums that offer you an opportunity to participate and get paid.  How much you earn will depends on your activity level and the quality of your responses.

Online Data Entry Jobs 

There are a lot of data entry jobs available on the internet that offer similar jobs as those data entry jobs done in offices. Even though in recent years there has been a lot of complaint about some of them turning to be scam, there are legitimite websites for data entry which still pay very well. Just make sure you inquire before joining any of them.

Affiliate Marketing 

This is another great way to earn money online. You sign up with an affiliate program and then promote their products or servicess through your site. You earn a certain commission everytime someone coming from your blog purchase an item from the merchant’s website.

Most people don’t find affiliate marketing as great way to earn since it requires a lot of marketing. However, if you are good in marketing and promoting, affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn.

Selling E-Books 

If you are a talented author, you can definitely make money out of this. You create your own e-book, promote it on your blog and sell it to interested buyers. You can also earn by promoting and selling other people e-books and get paid on commission basis.


Facebook remains one of the major social networks. There are various ways to earn money on Facebook. Such as; doing simple tasks like translating documents, signing up for paid offers, among others. Do not also forget that Facebook is a perfect place to promote your products or affiliate products and services.


YouTube is a good video sharing place that is viewed by thousands of people from all over the world.  If you have an interesting video to share, you can choose to register with YouTube partnership where you submit quality, unique videos and earn money based on views. You can also earn through your videos by use of Google Adsense.

These are my top 10 ways that bloggers and anyone else looking for ways to make money online can utilize.